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  1. And I paint the rear bump and the second in from the front.
  2. I always thought that ROTJ had two stripes and some of the ESB MKII had three. I haven't seen ROTJ with three? I could be wrong. I'll have a look through my reference pics. <br> The grey is Humbrol #5 and the black is Humbrol gloss black #21
  3. It's personal preference. Same goes for ESB MKII. Some had teeth cut quite large, some small and some not at all!<br><br> Same with the armour. If you look on the real suits some had overlaps inner over outer and some had outer over inner. Some troopers had detonators a lot didn't. Some had holsters again some didn't. Lots of different variations seen on screen. Shoulder Straps were riveted on but with the grainy film and blurred screen caps it's hard to see. Unfortunately the CRL on ROTJ does not reflect this.
  4. I just wanted to point out that contrary to what Paul told you some helmets had the teeth cut out quite large. Again no real rules with ROTJ.....
  5. Thanks Paul,<br><br> This thing pulls beautifully. <br> I've had it in storage for a few years as I had nowhere to use it. It was sold to me as a 3phase and I bought a new pump to convert it. When i put it in my workshop I opened it up and it was single phase. All I had to do was put in a new circuit and plug it in. Result. <br><br> I get better cleaner pulls that the pro formers I was using. <br> I guess it helps that I can alter moulds and experiment far more doing this at home.
  6. I was asked too post this one too. Whilst not strictly ESB it could be an ESB MKII https://vimeo.com/188126283 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi guys and gals. I've had this posted on my Facebook page for a couple of weeks and forgot to post it here. I've had thousands of views on there so I guess this is enjoyable to watch. This is the first ESB MKII faceplate pull. I got a bit of webbing on the bottom of the tube on this one but have sorted that now. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/188124307 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Looking good Doug! good luck buddy. It was and is a pleasure dealing with you.
  9. Yes of course. <br> I need to order some abs next week for a couple of orders and finish the ear moulds then we are Good to go.
  10. Also the ears I used were some ANH ones with screw holes. I have ESB MKII ears but just need to finish the moulds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. It was cast from this helmet but I don't think it's been placed on screen yet..
  12. Wow! A never before seen stormtrooper helmet posted on a Stormtrooper forum and two comments. Lol. I remember when people got excited about new replicas that are cast from original helmets. <br><br> Oh well. <br><br> Thanks for your comments guys.
  13. I thought I'd share what I made in my new workshop. I've been meaning to do this helmet for some years but just not had the space to finish the moulds. Now I have. This was a flat sheet of plastic a few days ago. So using my Formech 660 vacuum former I set to work. Just did a quick assembly today. Still a couple of teething problems but definitely getting there. This was cast from JoeR's ESB MKII helmet. CFO ESB Mkii Stormtrooper helmet. No.1. Enjoy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I have new decals that should be no problem with the 501st! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Get some Micromesh. It's a cloth sandpaper you can get 1500, 2400, 4000, 8000 &12000 grits. It's a lot easier to rid the surface scratches than polish alone. You can polish it after.
  16. Just checking you took off the protective plastic wrap from the face of the armour? Looks like it was still present on the last pic front of the forearm part....
  17. Get this stuff. It doesn't bleed. You can thank me after. <br><br><img src="http://i445.photobucket.com/albums/qq176/sskunky/4FD7E682-C950-4AA4-8884-F3FB66CE664E_zpsybayjznm.jpg"alt="4FD7E682-C950-4AA4-8884-F3FB66CE664E_zps"><br><br> Not sure why it's not posting the image but click the link and you'll see it.
  18. Woohoo..... Another ROTJ CFO in the ranks. Congratulations buddy.
  19. I sell ROTJ helmet kits for £220 plus shipping.
  20. I'm glad this has gone to a good home..... I assembled this back in 2012.
  21. You're flogging a dead horse here somewhat. This is quite an old thread. <br><br><br> The only people that were accusing us of recasting were funnily enough other armour makers. <br><br><br> Between you and me I think they felt threatened. There was no other reason for the attacks we received. <br><br> I have been the only maker as far as I know that has been totally transparent about my moulds. Show me another that has a thread dedicated to the birth of their armour or helmets. <br> We really don't need to go over this again. <br&
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