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  1. Hi Deatrin I'd like the CRL higher levels to reflect the original construction as well. I dont see why it's ok to have rivets for basic clearance then if people want to have higher clearance they have to lose them? That means I have to keep replacing trooper shoulder straps at either my or their expense. There should be one white rivet on the front and secured with Velcro at the back for all levels. There should be no flat ends at all on ROTJ even for basic clearance as they are not ROTJ with flat ends. I quote. Shoulder Straps are securely mounted in front and may free float i
  2. What do other ROTJ vendors think? As I and TM are the only two offering it to the 501st we are in agreement. I don't need metadata to tell me that the pics I posted are of armour in preproduction wardrobe and in collections many years after. You are obviously not up for being educated by the the vendors of armour and helmets that supply the 501st and will continue to deny even though solid proof has been supplied by the two vendors who make rotj armour and helmets. Are you really in belief that they put rivets on the armour before filming then removed them for filming the re appli
  3. How do you know this? Again were you there? Have you watched the film? It's apparent on screen too. Really? Have you actually seen any screen used suits? I have shown at least 5 different suits at different times before during and after filming. So I find this statement hard to swallow. This makes mockery of the whole CRL Wtf!
  4. There seems to be a lot of personal opinion here being touted as truth. <br><br> I.e. The producer wanted this the director wanted that etc. How do you know this? Have you spoken to the producers or directors personally? I'm not bashing you for having an opinion but trying to state these opinions as fact is wrong and this is when the waters begin to get muddy through non facts being stated as fact. <br> I have posted many pics of troopers on set with different configurations not just promo shots. Also shots of actual production costume dept. These things didn't just disappe
  5. This has been pointed out to me on another thread I started about inconsistencies in the CRL. <br><br> Rivets in the Shoulder Straps<br><br> For basic 501st approval the CRL clearly states that the shoulder straps may be riveted. If someone was denied by their GML, then their GML has not read the CRL. However if the person is applying for Expert Infantry the CRL is wrong but this will not stop someone from getting a costume approved.
  6. That's not correct Mark. They did rivet the shoulder straps on ROTJ armour. I have photos to prove it from the costume dept. ANH is a different story.
  7. I rivet them on as they should be and as they were done for production. They are white rivets on white straps attached to white armour and are only 4mm wide. It's hardly surprising you cannot see them on screen. If they were 4 inches you'd still have problems seeing them on screen.... LOL Most straps are hidden by the helmets sitting over them. It was filmed on film, not a digital HD, 4K bluray etc so the chances are that they had the 6 foot rule whilst filming back then which says if you cannot see it from 6 foot away don't worry about it......
  8. Yep. Run Forest run. That's a recast of my armour and helmet. Some parts like the shins are cast from someone else's armour. <br> Maker of things is one to be avoided. <br> The only suit that was cast from is one I made. Not cast from an original but casted from Cast from original.
  9. Thanks Tim. I'll pass anyone that's having a problem your way. Just for the record I never said there was an army against me? I also never mentioned your name or said that you told me that I had to join. It was not you. Cheers.
  10. Hi Eric, The only reason I say" they" and "they" is that I didn't want to name any particular person or Garrison openly in public. My post was merely highlighting the problems my customers are having when trying to get clearance. I assemble my armour screen accurately and how it was done originally. This is a problem with people getting clearance. I'll just have to give people the option of screen accurate or 501st acceptable. From what you are saying there is no problem with screen accurate and it's down to GMls not really knowing what they are looking at. I will just point anyone that's ha
  11. I would love to but they are stubborn as hell. I posted this on the UKG forum some time back and was told I was not qualified to comment.
  12. Why for basic clearance is a cover strip allowed? They do NOT have cover strips. You allow this but not a rivet? Unfortunately nothing has changed and my customers are getting the brunt of it. LOL, I guess so...... If this is the case why can't the trooping trooper not have one? they could have used theirs?? LOL IYHO the overlap is not important. BUT it seems to be with most GMLs..... GMLs are not supposed interpret a CRL they are supposed to follow it. How can you argue consistency if every GML is allowed to interpret the CRL? That's the argument I get. "We have to have a CRL t
  13. One of my customers was pulled up on no detonator and no holster and overlaps the wrong way. Not sure why higher clearance says you "must" have outer over inner when they clearly had them either way on set. What?, higher clearance than an original screen worn suit? LOL But yes, it could have been yet another over zealous uneducated GML......
  14. Quoted from the CRL..... "The AM greaves (shins) shall be on the proper legs, with a new cover strip. The cover strip edge faces the inside of the leg. Note: There is a manufacturer defect with the AM greaves (shins) that may cause you to wear the them improperly. Please see the Tutorial titled :"AM armor shins: the proper way to assemble and wear", on the whitearmor.net" I am not sure why AM is mentioned as AM is not ROTJ? Also it seems that you are allowed a sterling E11 that is not based upon the MGC to pass but a rivet on the shoulder strap is not allowed? As I said tot
  15. Hi guys, I am getting more and more frustrated at the CRL for ROTJ. I make and sell ROTJ armour cast from an original suit. Now, when I assemble the armour for customers I assemble it how it should be done and screen accurate right down to rivets original Newey poppers. I have spent countless hours researching how the original armour is supposed to be put together, what hardware was used, what materials were used. It took me 5 years to find a suitably accurate polypro belt to offer with my armour. I make from scratch everything. I vacuum form my armour, mak
  16. Try this. http://www.artistspraycolor.com/products/Montana-Gold-Artist-Spray-Paint-Sahara-Beige.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. this happens a lot when I post on safari on my phone. For some reason this site adds loads of characters to my posts. Anyone else get this? It will probably do it now.
  18. It's in stock here. http://www.artistspraycolor.com/products/Montana-Gold-Artist-Spray-Paint-Sahara-Beige.html
  19. I really wouldn't use superglue on acrylic lenses. It will cause the plastic to fog up. Use hot glue or epoxy, silicone or E6000. Hot glue being the quickest
  20. This is just what I was looking for. A detailed weathering technique tutorial. Outstanding work and totally believable. You can see the modeling background you have.... Thanks!
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