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  1. Hi there, TK51007 requesting 501st access please. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21809
  2. Lens time. I mounted my lens as seen here in this reference pic. Not entirely sure of its accurate but l use the same technique in all my buckets and it works excellent. Long story short center your lens material, firmly pres against the ear screws leaving a dimple in the material. Drill the dimpled area with the same screw size, in my case 3/16". Install lens. After a fitment my trooper complained about the lens material sitting on his nose. Using a sharpie I traced out the eye sockets and around the mounting holes then did some trimming. After Hi Tony - can I ask.. what are you cutting your lens material with.? Is that the original Anovos lens strip or something new.? It (the Anovos lens) looks like thick perspex - i thought it was going to be some kind of thick film material I could cut with scissors or a blade.. but its way too thick and rigid for that.
  3. Dream.. a UK supplier for something! :-) Thanks for this Christopher - order being placed as we speak.
  4. Hi Tony - glad you did this too as it confirms that my thinking was valid . Drilling the back armour returns was ok (as such) but the kidney and butt armour was way too thin so I felt that reinforcement plates were essential. Your version is much 'cleaner' than mine (of course!!) but I'm glad I went down this route. http://www.idratherkissawookie.co.uk/stage-5-assembly-body-armour-back/ Did the same for the front armour too.
  5. R on R and L on L seems to be the fav. Put this on the Anovos FB group too and got the same response (and seem to have sparked off a mini row too). Thanks guys. Appreciated as always. Now to get the fixing strip done.
  6. I'm sure everyone is getting really cheesed off with shins but just before I try and fit the sniper plate to the wrong leg.. (or the right one) please take a look an tell me LEFT SHIN on Left leg and RIGHT SHIN on Right leg, or LEFT SHIN on Right leg and RIGHT SHIN on Left leg which some have suggested? I'm worried I've read too much about 'shingate' and its confusing me. They both feel ok when strapped on and walking, but not perfect. Is it just a case of minor trimming on the returns and a hot water bath for shaping..? And yes, I did try the 24+27 / 25+28 combo and that just plain didn't work so I'm assuming either [a] my legs are just weird or that my kit was labelled up correctly.
  7. The master has spoken... I have E6000 ready and poised. Committing now !!! Thanks Tony My family have heard enough swear words for an Easter bank holiday.
  8. Every time I touch these it changes or gets worse!! Having trimmed one set to about 13mm each front strip (10mm is just too tight for me) the original combo now looks so wrong.????? Which of these is right PLEASE!!! They look a bit odd to me now - the alternative 24+27 / 25+28 combo: These look better - the Anovos 24+25 / 27+28 combo: Before I trim the other set can you confirm if this is now right.?? Loosing hair fast and running out of blue tape.. and gin!!
  9. I hadn't trimmed the front down that far but looks like that might solve it. Doing that now. Will post up revised images again in a mo.
  10. Oh fiddle. I was hoping to avoid messing with these.
  11. AAgghh!!! [insert favourite swear word here] THESE BLOODY SHINS AND SNIPER PLATE!! This surely can't be right.? I've tried both the as instructed 24 +25 / 27 + 28 combo and the alternative 24 + 27 / 25 + 28 and i can't get these b*stard things to fit. Grrr!! Photos show instructed 27 + 28 combo for the left shin which for me seems to be the better fit. Some on the Anovos FB page have said fill the gap with off cuts.. is the gap or the filling process 501st approved.?
  12. Hi Tony - quick question please on the cover strips for the thigh armour - i seem to have completely missed the bit about the strips not going all the way along the join :-( Will having the cover strip going all the way along the join affect 501st approval.?? It doesn't say anything on the 501st site or the CRL about it being a specific requirement or failure point. Heres hoping you say "its ok"..? :-)
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