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  1. Going to start tonight!
  2. Thank you so much! Been racking my brain all day
  3. I've been looking for the measurement for the thermal clips. I saw a link awhile ago but can't find it now. How long does the clips have to be from the end to the bends?
  4. My armor seems to click a lot when I walk. Mostly from the knee area. Will padding help quiet the noise?
  5. Orcrez

    Thermal/ o2

    While building the thermal/o2 tank I split one the the end covers. Is there a way to find them at the hardware store or does someone on here still make the thermal detonator with clip?
  6. Orcrez

    AP armor for sale

    is the holster 501st approved? And can I buy the gloves and holster separate ?
  7. Orcrez

    Bicep dimple

    Thank you guys!
  8. Orcrez

    Bicep dimple

    My phone is being a jerk today...&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;<br><br> My armor has a dimple in one of the biceps and I was wondering what arm does it go on?
  9. I tried to search but with no luck
  10. I'm almost to the point where I need to start strapping.<br> Do I need snaps for the back armor, kidney armor and butt armor or can I just glue those straps in place?
  11. So I've been looking at pictures and pictures of stormtrooper butts and I'm still not sure if I need a return edge on the butt plate down where it touches my legs. I know I need one on the top to strap it to my kidney plate. But in the pictures I see some with and without a return edge on the area around the legs. So what did you guys do in that area?
  12. Orcrez

    MTK armor question?

    Thanks Steve! This takes some weight off my mind ! I've must have watched the TB videos about 1000 times and i've read some of the MTK builds but taking that first step "cutting" is a bit nerve racking but I'm ready.
  13. So after lurking here and at MEPD I finally pulled the trigger on the MTK sandtrooper armor since the price was right and I had to spend the money before the wife did. Since this is my first build I was wondering how much modification needs to be done if any to the armor before it can be accepted into the 501st? I know it depends on the quality of work I do but is there any mods to the armor itself that needs to be done? I’ve read a lot of good reviews about the bucket and armor but I was just curious before I get too far along. The armor should fit well on me since I’m 5’8 with a medium build. I’m just nervous since it’s my first armor build.