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  1. Yep. I already preordered online. I think they did have a free shipping perk if you ordered in person at Celebration though.
  2. The first 75 were $1800. I imagine the price is the same.
  3. It does look pretty cool. Not sure if it was worth imploding the Legion for that moment. But it looks cool.
  4. Looks like they got blasters. Or maybe they are just for the stage.
  5. Looks like the new "Spacetrooper" that Hot Toys just announced.
  6. My experiences with Anovos have been: - They will probably not guarantee delivery before the new movie - They will probably be late
  7. I did the preorder for the kit for a lot of the same reasons. I already have approved armor. I actually think that Anovos will do a good job too. And for $350, even if I don't like it I can probably sell it for what I paid. And I admit I'm very curious about this suit/strapping system. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
  8. There's no way to say for sure until actual kits are built. The photos are still prototypes. My gut says that it will probably be workable. But it all depends on how the final product turns out and if any modifications are needed. So it wouldn't be without risk to preorder now. So if you decide to jump in just be prepared that it might not be that simple and there could be additional costs to get it approved.
  9. Somebody on the 501st main forum said they contacted Anovos asking this. They said it comes with everything the finished version comes with but not assembled. I find that hard to believe to be honest. But we'll see I guess.
  10. None of those kits have shipped yet either. The only kits in the wild are the ones that cannot be named. So no news on them yet.
  11. Locitus, I was asking Tuskentrooper since he does have at least some insight into what they are doing as well as being in contact with them. Don't really need your input.
  12. Panda trooper, I agree. I think it's only a matter of time before Disney starts to crack down on fan builders. I don't think they will be as forgiving as LFL has always been. They have clearly showed their willingness to go after people making Marvel items. But it took them a few years after they purchased the company to do it. I expect within a couple of years the C&D letters will start going out.
  13. Still very confused about what is part of the kit and what only comes with the finished suit. Do the parts in the kit have the lining? Is the mounting system the same for both finished and kit versions? Also, what is the thickness of the ABS they are using? What is the largest head size for the helmet?
  14. No mention of boots or blaster. I assume they are not included? Also it says all pieces are lined. With what? Is that for the kit as well as the finished armor? What is the strapping/fastening system like? It seems vague on that.
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