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  1. The screen neck seals had sweet magnet closure! I want one!
  2. Haha. Nah! I am just tired of seeing a lack of respect across the board from established members, builders, and companies. The conspiracy theorists seem to come out of the woodwork now that there is a legitimate Star Wars "costume" company. We are all here because of our love of this franchise. Everyone needs to chill and have FUN.
  3. Some of this thread is spot on, some not so much. Some of their parts were 3D scanned. Some were printed form provided 3D files. There are a ton of legalities that are involved. Some licensees have exclusive rights to certain things. EX: A prop vs. an accessory. A costume vs. a replica. And let me tell you. The price that these licensees pay to make SW stuff is astronomical, so you bet your hide that they will protect every single word in their contract and fight tooth and nail if on company encroaches on another's "terms" Most in our community are not aware of the difference in lega
  4. Typically, from my experience, you build it first just like the screen images, then write up the CRL after.
  5. It is ABS. It is not as shiny as the 1st palette but it is definitely not matte.
  6. 0.003 has no bearing at all in "troopability" or stability. Once the piece is assembled it is as sturdy as ever. but... to each their own.
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