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  1. TK 33270 respectfully requesting access. Long Live the Empire! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33230
  2. Thanks for the great info. Certainly cleared everything up. Much appreciated. I'm ready to serve with honor!
  3. Thanks I appreciate the update. Sorry for the simple questions and evidently some confusion on my part: so I have two id #s? One for the 501st Legion ( 33240?) And yet another separate TK id of 33270 ? My first choice of 3 possible Legion id's was not in use and I was given it ( 33270) in my acceptance letter from the Legion. I thought I understood the TK 33270 was my Legion ID. The initials TK representing my approved (stormtrooper)costume. I'm confused as to why I would have a separate 5 digit id ( 33240) that was eerily and very confusingly similar to my Legion ID presented to me in my acceptance (33270)? If so, which # will I log in with to FISD? Any clearing of this confusion much appreciated.
  4. Great. I'm not sure what happened! I'm glad others checked. Thanks for that. I've screenshot my info page Hopefully my status is changed and all a-ok? Cheers, TK 43270
  5. TK 33270 requesting 501st access! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33270. For some reason the id listed on the link is 33240? But when I input my TK ID # 33270 in search it goes straight to me and my current/ active status. I am not 34240. I am 33270
  6. Newly minted and approved ! I'm TK 33270 just approved this month. I'll be serving with the Cloud City Garrison (OR/WA) and looking forward to my first troops! Long Live the Empire!
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