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  1. This is my very first build, and first project with a 3D printer. My friend 3-D printed all the parts (28 pieces) and I have done all of the assembly, filling, tons of sanding, and painting (the part is the hardest for me). I have taken everything down to a 2000 grit sand paper we sanded to make it super smooth and will be buffing the paint to get it super glossy. As I wanted to have fun with it I went beyond the painting for the face and rear vents and the grey visor pieces. It may not be screen correct, but I wanted to try to make it special. The vents were all hand cut from a thin piece of plastic. Because it was 3-D printed it didn’t require the ear screws…but I felt it needed them so I countersunk the screws and added them to the build. I know it is not perfect…but I have put in a ton of work. I still have to do the pinstripes on the ears (and I’m realizing I got the angle wrong….not sure if I can pop them off or not), some paint touch ups, and to figure out the lenses, but I am proud of it so. Let me know your thoughts!
  2. Sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding…….. :-)
  3. Thanks!! Yeah….it has been a process!! the black and red Mando helmet was something a grind had printed and didn’t go right so he gave it to me to practice on.
  4. Thanks so much! This is my first time ever doing anything like this or with 3-D printed stuff….I do a lot of woodworking and just watched a lot of videos and read posts here. I just don’t want to screw it up!
  5. Thanks!! A lot of work but it has been fun so far!
  6. Hi everyone, first let me say thanks for being such a great resource and you all seem like a great community. I’m in the process of building my first helmet…I know, just a helmet, but this has been a really cool really great build so far. A friend 3D printed all the parts for me (28 pieces). So far I have glued, fitted, sanded, glued, sanded, primed, filled, sanded, filled, sanded, filled, sanded, primed and today I got the first real paint on. This has been a lot of work, but hey, keeps me out of trouble and I think I’m going to start a helmet collection. Not sure if I’ll ever do full armor, but the helmets are a blast! Anyway, great to meet you all, and thanks for all the help you have already been!
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