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  1. One more option for armor is Imperial Surplus https://imperialsurplus.com/product/first-order-stormtrooper/ Very happy to see this available (again).
  2. You are correct about not being able to join the 501st officially before completing and getting your costume approved. However, just like here on FISD any prospective members can join their local garrison forums to meet the locals and see how to get help or get involved. So feel free to find the forums link on fl501st.com and get registered to say hello. When I first joined up I didn’t know about meeting up with the local Florida garrison folks, but there are a bunch of super helpful people here on FISD that helped me with my build as well.
  3. Hey Dane, I’m in Orlando as well. Make sure to register and say hello on fl501st.com, we have armor parties pretty regularly and have lots of people that can help you with your build.
  4. Disney Springs in Orlando, FL opening night in my executioner trooper
  5. Thanks for the fix! I’m scrambling to finish my build for the movie premier and was stressing entirely too much about cod pieces, hah
  6. The current TLJE CRL states that the new cod is required for level 1, is that correct? After reading the discussions it seemed like it was going to be a level 2 thing. The regular TLJ shows it as level 2, just wondering if this was intentional or an error?
  7. Joe, I ordered some of that mesh to try and modify the BSP also. Shouldn't be too bad. Has anyone had problems getting approved with the BSP helmet without mesh though? I'm repainting mine now, since Anovos delayed (shocker) their executioner helmet. Still no word on when the Phoenix Props bucket will ship, so it looks like my BSP will end up as my executioner helmet.
  8. I think it means the mesh pattern continues between the teeth? BSP doesn’t have them though, not sure. CRL photo looks like it’s just the same honeycomb mesh pattern between the teeth
  9. No need to cut out the mesh, it’s molded in to the bucket (the little dimples around the beak)
  10. Welcome, as mentioned above make sure you say hello on the fl501st.com forums and be on the lookout for armor parties if you're wanting some help/advice. I just moved to the Orlando area about a year ago, lots of good people here to meet and troop with!
  11. Check out the 2 photos of the F-11D from NYCC http://strw.rs/60148fuBK
  12. This really is all Clint’s fault isn’t it?
  13. Nice comparison, I couldn’t decide which to buy either so I also ordered both. I’ll paint one up as an executioner I guess. Looking forward to seeing non-render photos of the PP one.
  14. Welcome! I'm in your same area in Makaze squad. I'd recommend doing a self build so it fits you properly, there are armor parties here pretty often so you'd get help if needed. This forum is also full of amazingly helpful people, as long as you make a build thread and ask plenty of questions you'll have no problem with the build!
  15. I'll be there for the group photo and meetup Saturday!
  16. Seems like last year this closed out really fast! Are the costs that much higher now, or are contributions that much lower?
  17. I've always needed help, but thankfully I've always had help while trooping
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