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  1. Okay... I talked to my pal Shawn Morgsn tonight and apparently he expresses a huge “need” for one of these guns. So I guess I am doing the run. I’ll pull the tote out and get it ready to mold. Thank Shawn Morgan for that tad bit of twisting my arm.
  2. Hey guys.... it’s me... Ken. Ya know.... I was the guy here on and off before. Come on.... the guy that started this thread. Lol okay... here’s the update. I’m busy. Lol That pretty much says it all. So, with that said.... I have an idea. I think the best way to get this blaster out there is to entertain the idea of selling the masters for someone who has the time to pull molds and offer kits to the members. Every time I think I’m free to do this, I’m inundated again. Anyway, it’s a thought. I would like to hear what you guys have to say. Cheers, ken
  3. Again, I would need to know roughly how many guys would be in for one. When I get to that point, I will give estimates based on rough qtys. Then, the more people that go in on it, the cheaper it gets. But in order to get the best pricing... we need to have enough guys in on it. I could just give a number based on one offs but then no one benefits.
  4. Haven't thought about a payment plan. First, I'd like to make a list of hard core peeps that want in on the run. I'll give a rough idea on cost based on the number of guys that go in on the run. Then commitment with 50% will be required from everyone before I initiate work. This way everyone is moving as fast as the slowest man. Drop outs lose their 50%... no excuses. I'll give an exact time to completion. At that point the balance and shipping/handling required prior to shipping. Everyone pays their balances prior to shipping the lot. This way I'm not continually running out to ship boxes every other day. This way everyone is on board and it gets done as a team effort. No one left behind. No headaches for me. I'm not waiting or begging to get paid and you guys are not waiting months to get your items. It's fair for everyone and is how runs should be conducted. It's unfortune for everyone when people screw others. Most of the time it's because those guys bite off more than they can chew and end up robbing Peter to pay paul. If I have an exact number of peeps in on this and everyone moves together, everyone wins. I think this is fair and weeds out guys that pay some money and disappear or guys that order and disappear. Again, this is what I do. I build under ridiculously short lead times. I can't afford to sit on a project. Now that I'm wrapping up my last film for the year, I've got chill time to persue personal projects. I also have one other gent on my side to bring in for a mold and casting fest, here, to knock everything out in a very reasonable and on track time table. Cheers
  5. We'll need to agree to something when it comes time for a run. I've already invested a ton of time and materials into the CAD as well as the masters. Even helped others with their CADs here at Whitearmor. The issue I have with product in hand first is this. First, in order to keep pricing down, I need to lock in so many orders. Price has a huge factor on time and materials. I have had way too many guys back out of past projects and I was left holding the costs. I was doing a run of concept phasers on the RPF. Everyone wanted one. I had 70 + orders placed with all hard commitments for a two week turn a round. Meaning I garanteed they would have their props within two weeks once all funds were collect. Then, when it came time to pay up, half dropped out and most of those wouldn't answer emails etc. I refunded everyone else that paid... and I did that within 1 day. I don't have time for that. I think my name and imdb credits should be enough to assure people they won't get screwed or expect a long wait. Once I begin the project, it gets completed within agreed lead times with or without issues. This is what I do for a living. Now, if it is expected that I have finished kits in hand before selling, then each kit will be treated as individual builds and priced accordingly. You can't have it both ways. I'm truly sorry for those that have got screwed in the past.... however... you're not dealing with a fan building in his mom's basement or dad's garage. Please don't take my post as being rude. That's not what I'm trying to get across. These kits will need a ton of molds and resin. I need to make sure I'm not using my company materials or my company's working capital on a replica project and then fight to get paid. So we need to figure something out before I move forward. I have proven the project with CAD and master parts photos. I have proven their accuracy. In fact, there are members here that know just how accurate. (Hint hint) but seriously gents, we need to come up with a hard core list first then establish something. Otherwise, this project is dead before it begins.
  6. Sorry guys for the delays. All I can say is busy! Multiple motion pictures... 4 to be exact, one year long production on a sci-fi show called Altered Carbon, as well as three other TV shows. I just wrapped on Deadpool and X-Men and finishing up a Dwayne Johnson film called Skyscraper. Then.... back on this project. FYI, I'll be starting to interview for internships soon. So, if you're in my area and want an interview, hit me up.
  7. Just got back yesterday from Michigan. Melissa and I had a family wedding to attend. I'm jumping back on this. There has been various things in the works with respect to "Altered Carbon" which I'm working on. WETA and I are the two shops hired to build some cool shucks for this futuristic project. So, I'm trying to get caught up with some things. No worries though. I'm jumping back on this right away. I'll have some updates real soon.
  8. Thanks Jeff for the kind words. Much appreciated. Up in Michigan with my woman for a wedding. As soon as we get back, I'm back on this.
  9. Correct.... <br><br> yeah, I mentioned that already and put that member question to rest about there being two different size props that were used. There were some blasters which were 10% larger. However, the workhorse from the film is the one I'm providing in my thread. It's also the one used to holster to the leg mount. <br><br> Just like in Guardians of the Galaxy. Quill had two size guns. The ones for close ups and the 10% smaller ones for most filming and holstering.
  10. You can very well make the front stock functional. Even though the screen used guns (mid-grade heros) did not have functioning forearms. Just don't glue the back end in place and it will pivot for you perfectly.
  11. Correct. The mid-grade heros have solid barrel shrouds with holes that go completely thru. Keep in mind that when I say mid-grade.... there is nothing mid-grade about it. It is as detailed as the 10% larger props. It's just 10% smaller and made that way to be used in fight scenes and be able to fit the trooper's leg holsters. Most of the First Order carried mid-grades. And... the metal supporting bracket on the bottom of the gun, which was only placed there to repair and/or support the frame from breaking, is now a permanent detail of the First Order guns. They all have it now.
  12. And before anyone says they look elliptical because the holes are on the bottom of the barrel shroud (cylinder) and it's an illusion...... I say.... no it's not an illusion. The holes are elliptical.
  13. And that's another good detail. The holes are not circular in the first place. They are actually elliptical and yes..... they go straight through to the other side. The complete front barrel shroud, otherwise, is solid just as the screen used guns were.
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