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  1. Hey everybody! &lt;br&gt;<br><br> Haven't posted in a while due to 1) medical issues slowing builds to a halt, and 2) getting a real job. The former is slowly improving, but the latter has allowed the dark clouds above me to open up and let the majesty of RS Propmasters to rain down with one of their special Brian M stunt full kits. Anyone else here snap up either the helmet or armor kits?<br><br><br> This makes unfinished kit #3 for me lol so I'm considering selling my Anovos, since my other is ATA. I have 500 TK-related WIPs that I'm hoping to work on, I've just been in saberland for too long! This forum is where I feel at home, can't wait to resurrect some posts.&lt;br&gt;<br><br> Scott
  2. I did it when the Disney guns first came out, Tino uses the kind I used not that it matters lol
  3. I thought it was ...interesting that they looked to the MR/eFX helmets for guidance. "It looks like there should be a seam at the chin, so we did that, as though in-universe the chin were removable for service." Personally, I want to call it lazy and ugly, but it's objectively unoriginal and uninspired (idk which is worse). I am glad I kept my eFX, but my brain doesn't want to recognize the new lids as canon TKs. They look "right" from very/too few angles imo. Not a huge deal, but they could have at least asked
  4. I tell ya, neglect this website for a week or two and you miss seeing amazing things like this. I just caught up and wow! You're doing all I imagined and more, plus you're making it look so easy! Great work so far, truly inspiring. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.
  5. Just got my pieces and DANG do they look good in person
  6. Outstanding work! Can't wait to see more (and then buy one from you)
  7. Very exciting business! The helmet reminds me of MR/eFX a bit too much for comfort, but it's probably just an artifact of the low resolution. This is gonna be gooooood!
  8. FYI: I think I misled you regarding scooting the sight back The pipe is actually an inch or so shorter on the rear than I thought. Easy fix, tho (if you even care). Sorry!
  9. I wish I had some smart response, but "woah!" will just have to do. Can't wait to see more about these pieces. Excellent tinkering as usual, Aaron!
  10. Not bad at all! I love seeing what people do with these
  11. Very cool! I think the norm is satin grip and tracks, with flat everywhere else. Keep it up
  12. They were designed specifically for Disney blasters, yes
  13. The repro tracks I've gotten have all been kinda satin, with some striations going down the length (from extrusion?). I'd go satin and run some fine sandpaper down each one very lightly once or twice. P.s. I want to try using plastidip spray, but have no experience with it yet.
  14. Doopydoo's parts fit if you contour them a little bit. The counter takes some creative thinking, but it works very decently imho. Use the search, there are some build threads
  15. Might be a greeblie on top causing the change in profile. It does look like it tapers down tho
  16. Hi Kevin, welcome! You're right about gs being kneadatite brand. Lots of different expoxy putties with different properties too. DD's likes to keep people guessing lol but it shouldn't be longer than 2-3 weeks depending on where you live. Resin is so soft that any saw works, I use a dremel but you could literally use a silverware knife for straight cuts so it's really about what you feel comfy controlling. Hope that helps
  17. I have the real parts too, I'll have to post comparisons with calipers if someone doesn't beat me to it. I planned to use a black resin handle and just make enough room, but we'll see if that's possible. Same with grinding down either the grooves or the pegs so a real end cap can fit.
  18. It's just the back end. Get a resin or real front and you can measure the lip (I don't remember off-hand) and lay thin abs strips of the right gauge to make it the perfect size
  19. This one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009NC9M0U/ref=sr_ph_1?qid=1456086448&sr=sr-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=digital+counter
  20. Another option is a 6-digit digital counter. They're on Amazon for around $10. Kinda fun and different, but very accurately sized (probably on purpose)
  21. This thread is not dead FYI -- I just got a 14" talking FO trooper whose guts will be transplanted soon. Mwahaha.
  22. I'm that height but only 160 lol. Try doing rough cuts and tape it on to see where the issues are. Then you can try to adjust the fit. Also consider splitting the ab and cod to install a shin hidden under the belt. RT-mod parts would be another option depending on their sharpness and color. Check this thread out:<br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29753-a-tall-guys-mtk-build/'>http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29753-a-tall-guys-mtk-build/</a>
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