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  1. Wanted to give an update here no progress on the build due to emergency surgery on my foot apparently if you shatter your toe you will need to have pins installed for it to heal properly! Luckily for me it could've been much worse. I have to stay off it for at least a week so unfortunately nothing's going to happen for a while which stinks cause I was in a grove there.
  2. Not much going on I'm struggling with the shins now having the hardest time getting them to lineup is there a special way to work with them?
  3. Jon, great build! Congrats on Centurion Question for you I'm in the middle of my AM build and I'm at the shins now and for the life of me can't seem to get the things right what's the secret???
  4. 2 questions Do I have the calf's the correct way? Left Right 2nd question does the bicep top retrun edge have to remain or can I remove it all together? Thanks
  5. Thanks Tony appreciate all the help!!
  6. Finally completed my forearms and once everything was attached they warped out of shape should I reshape these or leave them? The left is worse than the right I'm thinking it needs to be done just not sure how difficult it will be. Also tried on thighs with tights they fit better just wondering how high up the thigh they should be? Does the bottom cover the Knee or should the bottom be above the knee? Also how much return edge on the top of thighs is needed? thanks
  7. Thanks Brad! Will do Tony, thanks! Is that going to be an issue with the return edge on the bottom of the thigh for Centurion? I thought I read the bottom on the thigh and shins go?
  8. Reworked the belt hopefully this is good, also attached the drop boxes per Navajo Bro's build belt moved here dropbox backs 10-1/2"3/4"elastic attached with a rivet per Navajo Bro's build Also worked on the thighs cut the middle lip to 10MM on each side for a 20MM cover strip and basically fitted them the same way I did the forearms took about 30min. Also removed bottom return edge tried them on for fit seemed ok will try them on with my tights tonight and most likely readjust a little. Also worked on finishing the forearms will have pic tonight as it looks like I may need to Hot water bath them as well. Biceps are haunting me though I think they may be to big!! They definitely need to be reformed so I may have to temporarily glue them up so I can give them a bath and then take them apart and resize them up not sure yet will try them on and post pics to get ideas. Thanks
  9. Thanks Tony that definitely helps!
  10. Another question I glued the inside strips to the forearms and let them sit for 24hrs decided to glue the one side at a time which I did, went yesterday to close the forearm together and the tension on the other side of the forearm is crazy it's almost as if i need to remove the inside strip to get the arm to close. I took pics below but not sure if you can see what I mean in them.Thought this part was going to be easy but why should anything be different right. Not sure if you can tell but I need to push down the side with the inside strip attached to get the forearm closed which makes the forearm oblong shaped. I tried using magnets to close the forearm but the tension just kept pulling the arm apart it's almost as if the strip was curved it would fit fine or removed. Is this normal? Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for doing this Chris, been looking for these for weeks!!
  12. Tony, I took a better picture of the belt below I'm wondering if the fact that the belt was at 4" wide and then I took about 8MM of the width off that this is the best it will look? Is this passable or should I order a different belt? belt should be 98MM wide so 6MM short in second pic. Forearm return edges cut and tapered. Also worked on the biceps No return edge on the bottoms , trimmed the inside return edge and the outside as well. One issue I have with the biceps is that they are no where near round they are somewhat oval at best. I had to make them fairly large to get them on so I will most likely have to hot water dip them to reshape and probably have to take them apart and redo them.
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