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  1. Are there any build threads for a Clone trooper scratch build off the prints here. Clone DC-15S Carbine Thanks in advance
  2. Yikes, not even close. What are people using. All I'm seeing are 3d prints
  3. This site has certainly changed alot since I've built my E 11 and Helmet. I had a question regarding building and F11 and that is . Do they have a toy version like the E11 toy conversions that can be made to be more accurate?
  4. Hello all. Happy new year. May 2021 be better to all of us. I'm researching a first order blaster now. New project with my son.
  5. You know, I have to say, I'm really glad I did these build logs. It's fun to go back through them years later. It's almost like I'm making this over again.
  6. Hello people, just popping in. Been really busy with work. I hope all is well with everyone
  7. I knew I could pull you to the dark side. Payback for pulling me to therpf.
  8. There is a tutorial on the scope and counter bracket that may help. What version are you making. Also, whats your plans for the track? Looking good!
  9. Welcome aboard Mr.Halliwax. You are in the right place. These guys were a great help with my build. Don't be shy. Most of these builders will jump in and love to help. Good luck with the build Which version are you making. Be sure to follow the correct greebies. ANH is different than ESB or ROTJ. There are plenty of reference photos available
  10. Hello people. I'm looking to speak with a member close to the summer filed area in South Carolina . Please pm me . I can't really let the cat out of the bag just yet ,but this is in regards to a friend of the garrison. Thanks in advance. Kevin
  11. Just popping in to say hello to everyone. I have been harassing other forums getting info and lessons on building other props. I will share if I'm allowed to post non trooper items. I am currently working on a snowtrooper scratch build. Bucket only. (For now) I may find it nessesarry to make a matching weapon but we will see.
  12. Where might I find dimensions for a snowtrooper helmet build. I know there are kits available however, I'm going for the uneven look. The kits I have seen are all uniform and even. Are there any builds going on here. I have been searching with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Kevin
  13. How would I get in touch with troopermaster?
  14. Thanks guys.great info as always. I would like to look into the vacuformed helmets seeing how it seems they were used on the original film props. It may seem odd Im trying to use the same material vrs fiberglass or resin, however, all my other props I have made besides my r2d2, have been really close to the same as the original.
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