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  1. I had looked at the belly issue, but when I measured the armor from crotch to top, it is roughly 36 inches, on me that same measurement is 39 inches with sucking in the tummy, or 42 inches with the tummy On the sides I think I need about 6 inches to cover it
  2. How do I contact Jim, have not been able to find anything
  3. How rugged is his armor when compared to Anovos
  4. I did some looking, where do I find him at
  5. Which armor is best for people with longer torso's and wider shoulders? I have gotten some Anovos, and the issue is that my torso is longer than the average person leaving a 3 to 4 inch gap between the chest and abdomen plate. I know I can cut the abdomen and hide the gap behind the belt, this was recommended by my GML Right now I am about 5'10 and about 270 lbs, about a 46 belly, and 44 chest My idea was to give my anovos kit to my wife (who wants one as well) and look for a better fitting kit that does not require as much modifications. Bonus points for Rogue One style armor so I can sit
  6. I do not have anything glued. All I have done was remove the return edged on the sides and top I have the front side shoulder straps at the correct length, just not sure on the back. I might be able to take a heat gun to the back and have the back strap fit my back a little bit better Also just noticed my thigh armor is way too big. If I place it right above the knee the points are higher than my belly button
  7. I am in the process of fitting the armor when we found out I will have about a 2.5" gap between the ab part and the chest plate. Any ideas on how to fix this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. For wider cover strips is there any specific thing I should use.
  9. Would a heat gun work as well I did a measurement and my arms are roughly 15 cm round, will have to see how big the biceps are to see if they will fit that diameter
  10. Here are a few I could find on my phone I had to basically widen the gap between each one by about an inch to roughly get it to fit decent I would rather have a little more room for maneuverability in the biceps The 2nd picture shows the part that is sticking up. 3rd photo shows how off round it is in order for it to fit me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I have having trouble with fitting my bicep pieces. I have actually had them get stuck on me once. Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to resize them or add some shims to widen them Also on the inside there is that piece that sticks straight up, is that ok to shorten, it poke me sometimes in the under arm Also when test fitting the armor is there any piece I should start with and go from there
  12. I am curious is there any guide to modifying the Anovos armor for our larger troopers
  13. Just found out from the past XO, (The GML is on vacation) they recommend trying ot keep the front area the nominal width and shim the backside
  14. I am waiting to hear back from my GML, we have several future troopers that are in the same predicament Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Now for some fitting fun This is the right shin piece 25/28 I did my best to approximate how far roughly 10 mm per return edge side it was away in, marked it on the inside of the shin pieces On the back side it was a little too big a gap I could probably force it shut but I'm not sure it would be very comfortable to wear long term Now I went back and open up the gap between the return edges to roughly 30mm The fit on the back was a little bit better I was able to close the back with a piece of tap and it fit rather comfy Once I get the edge of the shin halves to line up better I will put on the under armor to get the final fittings. I find the under armor seems to keep my size a little bit down Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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