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  1. Part #2 - Removing the molded T-Tracks What a royal pain in the behind! I spent the better part of my project time for the day sanding, sanding, and sanding to get the barrel as smooth as possible. I think I'm going to remove the two flash guards and replace for more accuracy. Woo Hoo! My resin kit from Darth Hair showed up! Delivery time was pretty quick, right at 2 weeks. Time to crack it open. All the parts were individually wrapped and packed securely. There will be some minor clean up to a few pieces but overall I'm very pleased with the quality. And, some test fitting for fun. Already looks so cool. Can't wait to keep going!
  2. Part #1 - Disassembly Top: Disney Bottom: Hasbro I disassembled the Disney model and removed all the light/sound electronics. Sitting these aside until later. Next, I took apart the Hasbro and pulled the red reflectors out of the tube and removed all the electronics. I broke off the outer scope ring as I'm replacing the entire scope with a resin version. I may experiment with using the Hasbro speaker in it's current position but my initial plan is to relocate the small Disney speaker to the barrel to project the sound through the flash ports. I removed the safety tip and sanded it down smooth to prep for the replacement nozzle. Lstly, I removed the scope and sanded that area down flat. I also sanded off all the text.
  3. Hi guys! Like just about everyone else I've seen it's going to be a few months before I can start on my armor. So, in the meantime, I'm going to knock my blaster out. I decided to start out with a lower budget (if there actually is such a thing) build. Although not as screen accurate as the Disney model, I liked the look and feel of the Hasbro model much better (plus there seemed to be a lot more reference material and actual kits specifically for Hasbro). However, the sound from the Disney model was much better AND IT HAS STUN! So I'm going to use the electronics from Disney and mod the Hasbro. I have some basic modelling experience but this will be my first attempt at something of this degree. It's also my very first build thread so any tips, advice, critiques are definitely welcomed! My plan is as follows: Remove light/sound electronics from the Disney model Strip the Hasbro light/sound electronics Strip the Hasbro body of blatant inaccuracies Modify the Hasbro body as much as possible within it's structural constraints Install Disney electronics Utilize various resin pieces from Darth Hair's Etsy kit and 3D printed pieces from the Dsy-E-11 Shapeways shop Many thanks in advance to everyone that has already posted their various build threads. As a new member, this information is proving invaluable. Your Empire thanks you! Also for reference here is a link to Darth Hair's kit instruction video.
  4. YES!! It is T-Jay's Phoenix Props build. THANKS!
  5. This was a build using the sound guts of the Disney parks E-11. They replaced the sliding switch for blast/stun with a 3 way dial so there would be safety/stun/blast settings.
  6. I am modding a hasbro/disney E11. Recently I saw a build thread using a 3 way switch that replaced the stock slider switch. I have scoured the forum and can not for the life of me locate this thread. Can anyone PLEASE point me in the right direction??
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