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  1. I believe that is an error and is on the list of corrections that need to be made. i think it pertains to the two vertical groves in the ab plate Horizontal is the incorrect wording. You should not have any problem with this as it is not correct
  2. Wow, I can feel your disappointment and am sorry the Covid situation has affected you in this way. I am very glad to hear you want to stay around and help others, that speaks volumes to your character and proves you truly have what it takes to be a TK. Troopers helping troopers . I hope things take a turn for the better in your near future and you can get back on the path to fulfilling your dream. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Sly11


    That is correct, i posted the last of the banners and Danny worked through the night changing the source code to get this to work. Still need to fix the banner width behind some of the headers and it will be complete.
  4. Congratulations Ken, next stop EI. Welcome to Legion and don't forget to request 501st access to our forums so you can see more sections.
  5. Hi Tim Sorry to hear of your situation sir. We do have a sale section on the forums but you may not be able to see it due to level of access but just in case you can see it, here is the link. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/11-for-saletrade-personal-items-only/ If not, its always best to post photos of what you have, and an asking price as we have a few sales rules that stipulate those as a minimum. If al else fails, you can certainly send me a PM with the information price photos and we can make a post for you and get any interested members in direct contact with you.
  6. We will be here waiting for your return brother.
  7. Sly11


    I'm working on it Ripper_L may have found an easy work around, stand by. Edit It's going to take a while but we should be able to make it work and have it completed by the weekend possibly.
  8. 27 to go, the numbers are falling and the intensity increases. Get those applications in people
  9. Hope you are studying that small amount of screen time this guy got, cause you need to also master that swagger
  10. All restored except one post where the image links no longer work.
  11. Welcome to FISD Brit, we have a lovely lady on staff, Teresa (Soulart) who no doubt will be around to guide you through your build. Teresa also makes gaskets and neck seals among other soft parts for costumes so if you haven't already, check out here threads on our forum.
  12. Yeah I cant even view them. as long as I have a link to his posts where they are missing, i can restore them but that link shows me a black screen. The links I have restored required all the images to be downloaded then re up loaded into the forums or my own Imgur accout to fix them.
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