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  1. Still looking good so far. Make sure you put plenty of effort into concealing joins of the larger pieces and also removing the print lines. The CRL will contain a passage mentioning that visible print lines must be smoothed out for a more realistic appearance. This is a similar statement that we have had in place for 3D printed weapons and accessories but will now also cover armour parts due to more members printing armour. Keep up the great work
  2. Hi Joey, your costume looks excellent, I'm sure Chris will be happy for the help.
  3. Yeah I got that in there already, but there is also troopers that look like they have gold patch on a bridge, this is in the WPI post on page one, not the top post which I will replace with the WIP post once done.
  4. No shoulder bridge Kintsugi then. I'm actually further ahead on the Wiki document than the posts here, so give me a moment to catch up. I've got about half written and already with changes from the original draft posted at top of this thread. I'll look to see what needs changing on the bridges and post what we have so far in the next day or two.
  5. Right! My guess many will go 3D printed parts for this. Not sure how 3D printed rubber would work either, but there are other flexible filaments available too. If someone were to mold them out of a form of flexible plastic, that could also be a good possibility. Rubber shoulder bridges are also optional sold by a vendor and not necessarily supplied with a kit (maybe someone does, I haven't looked into that) There are only Jimmy and 850 making R1 kits currently with 3D printing on the rise as we have seen with Enock.
  6. Definitely helpful Adam. The more you look at all the references, the more you realize there are so many variations on screen. This is a complex costume of opportunities making it a little tougher to lock anything down. I think if we get it wrong, GML confusion will ensue If we get it right, and frequently use words like builder's discretion, similar to references, can etc etc, there is plenty of fun and individualism or let's call it "Builder's license" that can be used. Can you imagine a garrison or at a con a group of Night Troopers all looking different and then throw in a Captain Enoch would look! Totally amazing. That's even before the lights come on and it's zombie mode!!!
  7. Great work so far Benator, looking forward to seeing more progress.
  8. Hi Dana, Is the build complete? If not, I see you have already started a thread in the Capt Enoch build thread area. I would post any photos and build process in that one. The pre-approval area is for members who have built to an existing CRL, and they post here to get feedback on adjustments etc before applying to their GML for 501st approval. This CRL isn't active yet, and only a few have worked on, or are up to speed with how this new CRL is tracking. Your other thread is also in the right section where we are focusing on Enoch, and any large quantity of photos may be better off emailed to Chris who has done the major lifting on that CRL. As a minimum, you can add a front, rear, left and right side image to your existing build thread if your costume is close to completion, and also send Chris a DM with any questions you may have. @themaninthesuitcase
  9. Just when we thought there were no gray patches on the helmet, a quick review of our screen caps show we do lol. This one showing both gold and gray patches
  10. Updated those. I will also add in the description for the wraps and requirements per level. These will be fleshed out further with some accurate details I received from our set contact last year. Wraps Basic Red wraps/bandages may be of a similar look to references. Builder discretion is allowed as long as it loosely aligns with the look and style of references. EI lvl2 Red wraps/bandages must be Chiffon material, wrapped in layers and distressed with fraying edges as per references. On some armor parts, loose wrap ends are also allowable. I have a lot more information for limb wrapping to add, this is more to create the baseline Centurion N/A I think we can get most of this into EI
  11. A very reasonable point. We should add the word approximately with 2 1/2" as opposed to a hard figure so we don't have GML's out with measuring tapes and potentially delaying approvals. We know from experience, this type of thing has actually happened.
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