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  1. For candidates who want to join 501st Legion as TK, I will not recommend buy Anovos (assembled or kit), reaseon are : this will be your first costume to join, it will make you frustrating if they cannot delivery on time, it will cost you more time cause the waiting is very uncertain, it will delay your first trooping as 501st Legion member as TK Different story for us who already join 501st and want to build TK as another costume, we can still trooping as 501st Legion Member. Our motivation and goal not same like you as candidate. This link will help your research before or after you requested refund from Anovos. Other makers to considered before you make a purchased.
  2. very nice... wondering fit in doopy barel or not ?
  3. Congrats. Don't wait too long like me you can straight to http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/113-advanced-tactics/
  4. Fresh new look... love it.. Thank you Eric and all the staff admin, I know it takes a lot of effort and hard work to do this. Question : "Theme" options bottom left before "Contact Us", Is it deliberately enabled?
  5. How about FOTK ? No level 2 now, does it count ?
  6. Hello and Welcome to FISD Good luck with your build, I believe ANOVOS kit after approved for Level 1, with some tweaks and adjustment you can reach level 2 (EI) and level 3 (Centurion) http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/113-advanced-tactics/
  7. nice HDPE Bucket. any link for the seller ? Just wondering, why did you paint brown color ?
  8. Hello and Welcome to FISD Looking good, just wondering what blue paint did you use on your boots ?
  9. Shipping blasters (assembled or parts) from overseas to my country Indonesia its almost too difficult. why almost ? Customs officers here its so unpredictable.. Case 1. My order sent through post office, E-11 blaster black resin kit from DDay was confiscated by customs, they asking did I have permit letter from Chief of Indonesia Police to import that gun parts.. even I said its movie props replica. So not passed. I have tried twice by asking DDay to declared as resin parts and did special wrap so the shape not too looks like a gun, still not passed. Case 2. My orders sent through post office, E-11 blaster yellow resin kit from Doopy Doos. passed.. no problem.. in fact I ordered Doopy Doos kit for third times without any problems with customs. Case 3. My fellow Outpost TK member, shipped from US his E-11 and DL-17 Hyperfirm via DHL, and declared as "not a blaster and not as Star Wars props" I forgot what he declared, passed through with no problems form customs even the shape are assembled guns. Case 4. My other fellow Outpost TD member, hand carry (luggage) his resin assembled E-11 and DL-17 RS Props fly from UK to Jakarta, passed through with no problems from customs, even the blaster are assembled (DL-17 two parts)
  10. Hi Dan, glad you started this before me, Your decision to renovation your kit by painting it, makes me more excited to do the same. My ATA armor already yellowing too, and I've tried to use some Oxymilk treatment, came back white again... but only a while back to yellow again.. Keep thinking to paint it, cause to reach next level, I need to repair and renovation my armor anyway. Can you share the youtube link Mike (from Trooperbay)'s YouTube videos? waiting yout next parts renovation.
  11. Hello and Welcome to FISD. just keep reminding, measure more than twice, trimming and cut once...so before you trim your biceps.. research and ask someone to help you fitting..
  12. Happy 40th Star Wars, didn't watch in theater that time. Watch years after...
  13. Our Outpost CO printed that height chart, (I think German Garrison have height chart background too) all members have to take pictures with their costumes for application with that background (installed on our XO wall house)..
  14. Congrats Hubert.. Our outpost have 2 EIB TK now.. hope can catch up soon..
  15. congrats with your first trooping
  16. Love to see your new R1TK build. Can we sitdown wearing armor if you use flexi fiber material?
  17. wow, very nice.. tempting to get ROTJ or ESB TK. but have to saving some funds...
  18. swibowoj


    Hello Sharizman, apa kabar? Like Joseph said, you can contact Malaysian Garrisons via their website or you can PM some TKs from Malaysia here. Evan Loh (Holnave) or the others. I'm sure they will help and guide you. Actually next mid May for South East Asia Region, we will have big event at Legoland Malaysia. still have much time to contact them.
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