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  1. Wow, first EIB (and I'm sure will be first Centurion too) from Indonesia Outpost. Congratulations my fellow trooper. Hope more troopers from Indonesia Outpost will follow your path soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have similar problem, the hook keep grabbing my chest plate when I lift my arms. I want to remove it too. I've tried with some knife, not working. Are you using webbing or elastic to connect the biceps and shoulder bell ?
  3. wow, it will be a great opportunity for us to build our own instead purchasing overseas but not sure it will pass the customs or not. I have bad experience with customs regarding the resin blaster kit and the barrel. Can wait to try your work Norman.
  4. wow, this is so awesome. Thanks to this guy jedicharles (http://jedicharles.com/) you can download the file for free, so I think he deserved some credit. I just open the sketchup file and the details its so amazing. There are some minor miss accurate. but with little adjustment it will be more perfect. Maybe he needs more information and pictures regarding power cylinder.
  5. Wow, THGprops write on overview : Ships worldwide from Oregon, United States. Is that true? If its true maybe I want to order the rubber version. I hope not banned by my country customs cause made from rubber material.
  6. LOL, I think The Binks asking Disney and LFL for spin off movie
  7. It is sad, after being chosen to be one of 75 people who had the opportunity to have the armor, why easily sell on eBay? Why not offer to the 501st member or FISD? By bringing the name 501st, I think it would make the other members who do not have the same opportunity would be furious.
  8. I was very impressed with this FISD group photo, very relaxed and all look happy. Especially helmet that looks smile. Wish I had been there.
  9. The sad news, but I am sure you are strong and tough trooper. Your health is a top priority, I believe the EIB and the Centurion applicants could wait. They will understand your situation today. I also sympathize with your situation Vern . We wish things could be better. I am sure members of FISD will support you both.
  10. Enjoying read this month Newsletter, but I miss the Tip of The Month
  11. Hi Scott , I am interested in what you do with shims . But I can not see all of your photos . there may be a link that I can get to see all your photos ?
  12. Hi Terrel, I just sent an email to you about piece of ABS from ATA. Please kindly check your email. Thank you
  13. Congratulations Tony . My Armor ATA too, hopefully as you become EIB and Centurion . Much to be improved in order to achieve it . The main problem from my ATA is a plastic ABS color becomes yellowish . Are you experiencing the same thing ?
  14. Where was he going? Buy a comic book?
  15. Thank you for your detail information, I think will make more easy explaining for recruitment.
  16. wow nice, the blasters are made of paper too?
  17. I usually use regular thin socks, nothing specific reason, just feels comforting for trooping.
  18. Nice thread, I'm waiting you start posting step by step build PP ANH E-11 Alumunium Pipe. I have to learn so much to build this great kit. Follow this topic is ON....
  19. Congrats Eric, and all staff! Hope this team can make FISD more better in the future
  20. nickname : swibowoj first name : Sapto middle name : Wibowo last name : Josowidagdo
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