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  1. So I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t Been able to work on my armor much but I finally was able to get some work in today, for the most part I have all the pieces trimmed out now I just need to assemble. With the second image in here with the two bicep pieces has anyone else had this happen and what did you do to fix it
  2. I since I’ve already started my build I figured I would start this so I can get some help through the process given it’s different from the other armor I have done.
  3. ill start a build thread on Monday that's when I plan to do the bulk of my work. I've been busy with work and haven't had a lot of work time
  4. Where would be a good place to look for an e-11 blaster
  5. What are some boot options. like I know about imperial boots, but any other place that would be good to look at?
  6. I’ll look into that, Does anyone have any suggestions on the belt
  7. i got my armor today and im trying yo assemble the helmet but its not working at all. what are some suggestions for what i can do. im really tempted to look elsewhere for a new helmet
  8. Requesting member access ct- 29865 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=32557&costumeID=258
  9. hello, I'm Tanner, since I'm going to be getting a suit from ATA Works soon, i figured it would be the time to introduce myself on these forums. I'm in the final stages on getting my first armor approved, a Clone trooper Sergeant Appo. i was going to wait until next year before i got a new armor but I've needed another project to work on. I'm excited to have my second suit of armor and hopefully get to know some of you. as of the current moment i really only have one question, and its about weathering. not that it makes much a difference, but is weathering of TK armor allowed?
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