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  1. Well, I am still awaiting my brown box day... Seems like it is taking forever. I'm just super excited to join and getting a bit impatient. It is a commission build and I understand they take longer, but I ordered it back in June and the supplier (Dave's Darkside) noted it takes about 2-3 months from the time he pulls kits. However, now he is not replying to texts or emails from me. Not sure what the hold up is. Anyway, I am continuing to read up on stuff on here and reply as I can to stay active. Hopefully soon I can apply as a full on
  2. MaDDN3ss was an online gaming tag that was given to me by teammates as I was a bit "aggressive" in battles. The X6 was added later as that is what I drive.
  3. Received mine the other day as well. Signed by Brian and Lindsay. Almost through it already. Good read. Thanks Brian and Lindsay.
  4. Welcome Scout. I too am a new recruit from Canada, but from the west side. Lots of reading and research ahead but well worth it. I've learned a ton from these forums in the short time I've been here.
  5. Ordered mine a few days ago as well. Looking forward to the next batch.
  6. It's beautiful...for a rebel freighter that is. Amazing work!!
  7. Thanks for the neck seal info. I'll look her up for sure. Located in Alberta. I have signed up to the Badlands Garrison forum, just awaiting acceptance email. I have a friend (Yango) who is already part of the Badlands as well.
  8. Hello all, Just a quick introduction. My name is Cley and I live in Western Canada. Currently having Dave's Darkside Depot create a set of ANH stunt trooper armor for me so I can take the next steps to join this prestigious group. Looking forward to my own BBB day so I can show off my new armor to you all. I already have most of my soft parts ordered (boots from Imperial Boots and an undersuit from Amazon). Just looking for a good neckseal. Found a few on Etsy but making sure they conform before I buy. Anyway, hello all. Looking for
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