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  1. I'm 6'-3" and 265lbs and just had some AM armor built by Dave's Darkside Depot. It arrived this morning and looks great. I've tried on a few pieces and they fit very well. Recommended dealer.
  2. Big brown box day has finally arrived!! Will be doing some test fitting and I'm sure a few adjustments this weekend. Then I plan to submit 501st application next week if all goes well. Thanks to Dave Conklin of Dave's Darkside Depot for the excellent commission build. Sent from my IN2025 using Tapatalk
  3. Ok, I have to say it since no once else did... "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" Welcome. I am new to this as well and waiting for my armor to arrive early next week (provided tracking can be trusted.) This is a great group and I've learned a ton just surfing through the various posts.
  4. Well finally some good news. My armor has shipped and should be here next week. It was a commission build so hopefully I should be able to get accepted quickly. Sent from my IN2025 using Tapatalk
  5. Well, I am still awaiting my brown box day... Seems like it is taking forever. I'm just super excited to join and getting a bit impatient. It is a commission build and I understand they take longer, but I ordered it back in June and the supplier (Dave's Darkside) noted it takes about 2-3 months from the time he pulls kits. However, now he is not replying to texts or emails from me. Not sure what the hold up is. Anyway, I am continuing to read up on stuff on here and reply as I can to stay active. Hopefully soon I can apply as a full on member.
  6. MaDDN3ss was an online gaming tag that was given to me by teammates as I was a bit "aggressive" in battles. The X6 was added later as that is what I drive.
  7. Received mine the other day as well. Signed by Brian and Lindsay. Almost through it already. Good read. Thanks Brian and Lindsay.
  8. Welcome Scout. I too am a new recruit from Canada, but from the west side. Lots of reading and research ahead but well worth it. I've learned a ton from these forums in the short time I've been here.
  9. Ordered mine a few days ago as well. Looking forward to the next batch.
  10. It's beautiful...for a rebel freighter that is. Amazing work!!
  11. Thanks for the neck seal info. I'll look her up for sure. Located in Alberta. I have signed up to the Badlands Garrison forum, just awaiting acceptance email. I have a friend (Yango) who is already part of the Badlands as well.
  12. Hello all, Just a quick introduction. My name is Cley and I live in Western Canada. Currently having Dave's Darkside Depot create a set of ANH stunt trooper armor for me so I can take the next steps to join this prestigious group. Looking forward to my own BBB day so I can show off my new armor to you all. I already have most of my soft parts ordered (boots from Imperial Boots and an undersuit from Amazon). Just looking for a good neckseal. Found a few on Etsy but making sure they conform before I buy. Anyway, hello all. Looking forward to meeting you all and becoming an active member.
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