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  1. Is there a forum equivalent to whitearmor/501st for Darth Vader costumes? I'm looking into getting a Darth Vader costume too.
  2. What were the primer and paint again? I googled the above names and didnt find it. Also, how is the paint holding up? I used Rustoleum primer and white 2X and it's chipping off fairly easily.
  3. Nice! What shoes did you have him wear? I ended up buying lace-up faux-patent leather boots that I got off eBay for my son. I had to cut off the tops of the boots though so it'll fit into the calves pieces.
  4. I also used the Rubies 2-pc kids TFA helmet and just modded it to my liking. Like Cricket, I removed the velcro so the two pieces could fit together better. I then used small screws/nuts to attach the two pieces together. I used an extra piece of dark green visor lenses/sheet from my TK build for the eyes. And, I repainted all the black areas on the mask. I sprayed white primer on the interior of the mask to make it less translucent and more opaque.
  5. Even with a couple coats of primer, I noticed that Rustoleum 2X gloss white spray paint chips very easily. I wonder if Krylon is any better with chipping.
  6. If you weren't planning on modding the Rubies TFA helmet, it would be crappy. However, anyone here can mod it and make it decent.
  7. I purchased the Rubies 2-piece kids' TFA stormtrooper helmet and just modded it to my liking. It's about $20-30 depending on where you get it. It was even under $20 at one point when stores were clearing them out. With the two piece helmet/mask, I just used the same principles with the TK bucket build to make mods and adjustments. And, it's large enough where my kids and I can even wear it.
  8. I completed it for my son early this year and posted some pics here. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/33605-turning-a-toy-into-armor/page-3 http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/33582-dad-converts-a-jumbo-epvii-tk-into-a-kids-costume/page-2
  9. Was that the 501st at the opening ceremony at the Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016 in San Jose?
  10. Armor doesn't appear to have a very smooth finish. I wonder if that'll be an issue with approval?
  11. Huh? It looks like CTID just started one thread and a few people chimed in on that thread and encouraged/offered help. I don't know where the hurt is coming from?!?!? Dude only made that original post 20 days ago.....I guess he expected a bunch of ppl to post responses. CTID, Just to let you know, most of the members who signed up accounts here only visit this site when they were first interested in buying a TK and during their build. After that, most disappear. There are only a few who actually stay on and visit here often....usually the veterans here. So, you're usually not going to get a lot of responses to any post. Don't think it's because ppl here don't care.
  12. I used one elastic strap attached by snaps to connect the two shoulder bells. Thus keeps them from moving towards the rear.<br><br> The black elastic strap goes across my chest and connects the two bells.
  13. I actually used the white duct tape for two reasons....to smooth out the interior AND to hold the halves together. It's quick and easy. Since duct tape is pretty strong, it'll hold. And, since it's cheap and easy to apply, I can reapply when needed. Originally, I bought clear Plasti-dip and planned on coating the entire interior to smooth it out. I didn't want it too rough inside where it can scratch my son. However, I noticed that I didn't need it! I just sanded down the interior the best I could and used the white duct tape too. My son is about 50" tall. Look at other pics from someone here on this forum who did this build too for his nephew. If you don't do the cod extensions, your son's undersuit will likely show with any movement. The piece of ABS that I used has plenty for growth. So, my son can grown into the suit. Since I used velcro, double-sided tape, and duct tape to assemble everything, I can easily make adjustments as he grows taller. Also, I like that there's that extra extension attached to the cod/ab piece. Because, it'll be the piece that the chest piece rubs against since the chest piece will be right over the ABS extension piece which is unpainted ABS. Hence, you won't have to worry about the chest piece rubbing paint off the ab/cod piece if they were in contact with each other. As for the extra shim pieces for the sides, I just used a heat gun and extra pieces of ABS to make those. And, I just glued them on with E3000 glue. Again, I did it to allow my son to grow into the suit. Without it, he fits fine in the armor. But, it's more snug. Basically, for all the extension and shim pieces, I just used basic TK build techniques with a heat gun to be able to bend it to the shape i wanted. And, E3000 glue to attach. Luckily, the ABS color matched the paint I used fairly well. Good luck with your build. I hope this helps.
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