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  1. Forgive me. I am a rather invested in these changes as my own approvel depends on them. I am not so worried about the pack as much the armor details. I followed the refrance pictures rather then the CRL with the coloring of tube stripes and and ab button details as side by side comparasion of the CRL with the Refrance pictures does show many incosistencys that were actualy rather easy to achive.
  2. Also.. the refrance for the extra ab buttons is RIGHT THERE but plainly being ignored so that people can switch between a 'standard' TK and a HWT. Is the standard of Cstumed exalence this is wrong! Also, none of the circles on battlefront 2 are real cylenders. its poor 3d modleing as I have pointed out in my build thread with the center round tube on the pack.
  3. again. the double duty should never be considered for a CRL. I again point out the diffarnces between the ANH and ROTJ TKs. and for the collor of ab buttons. thats what paint is for.
  4. More of my thoughts on HWT>. The onlt weapons you see a HWT with in the stated context of Battlefron is the PTL minimag launcher and the SR-14 blaster pistol as well as a land mine. also, the pauldrons in battlefront 1 and 2 were orange and only orange. no black or red or even white.
  5. My propsed changes to the CRL with pics. both digital screen-grabs and real-life takes Helmet For 501st approval: Traps (trapezoids on dome of helmet) and tears (area beneath the corners of eye lenses) are gray. Rear traps and tears have vertical black lines. Lenses are flat material, BLACK in color, sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes. The "ear" bars have three or four bumps and are gray or painted gray, with a black outline. Painting the bumps with rank stripes (highlighted) in black is optional. Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. Eight total teeth on the frown are cut out. Tube stripes are *BLACK* numbering between 9 and 16 per side with the curve bends extending backwards. Vocoder (vertically ribbed chin detail) is painted black. Aerators/Hovi mix tips (cylinders on either side of the vocoder) are black or painted black. Tears, traps, and tube stripes may be hand painted, decals, or decals that replicate hand painted. Mesh may be used behind the frown to obscure the face of the wearer. Note: The helmet is accurate in detail and proportion to official references. Many commercially available helmets or those considered disproportionate in size or shape are ineligible. Ammo Pouches For 501st approval: German MP-40 style ammo pouches. Pouches are black in color and made of canvas, leather or leather-like material. There are THEE pouches: One pouch on the left shoulder and One on the right hip. A third pouch worn on the opposite hip. --------------- Abdomen Armor For 501st approval: The abdomen armor has a button area that matches the color pattern shown *(7 BLACK); buttons are approximately 7/16" (11mm) in diameter. 5 vertical with 2 more horisontal at the top* For level two certification (if applicable): Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide. Any shims used to achieve this effect are of a similar material and color as the abdomen and kidney armor. Shims fit flush and seams are allowed. For level three certification (if applicable): Ideally there no gap between the abdomen and kidney armor. A single visible seam line is present. Three rivets, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter, are present on the left side of the abdomen armor. Note: The original rivets used for the TK armor were bifurcated rivets or split rivets. Rivets are equally spaced along the depth of the armor and about 10mm from the edge. The heads are rounded or domed. Note: Paperclip brads are not considered to have a domed head. Rivets are painted white. A single male snap on the top right corner of the ab plate is present. A single split rivet or brad is present on the lower tab of the abdomen armor. Rivet does not need to be functional. Abdomen armor buttons are integrated and painted directly on the armor. No separate buttons are allowed. ---------------- *Thermal Detonator For 501st approval: (A.K.A. O2 canister) attaches to the center back of the belt. Detonator consists of an all grey cylinder, without silver stickers or silver paint. The cylinder is between 2” (50mm) and 2.68"(68mm) in diameter with white end caps on each end. The white control panel pad faces upwards, with the controls/round washer style detail closest to the right end cap. The total length is approximately 7.50" (190.5mm). The thermal detonator is attached via metal or metallic-appearing clips, approximately 1" (25mm) wide.* ---------- Backpack For 501st approval: Backpack is styled after and closely matches the backpack seen in Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2. For level two certification (if applicable): Backpack is lightly scuffed and battle worn, but not heavily weathered or dirty. *For Level three certification (if applicable): Motor tube has 2 sets of ribs. one front and one back. Each set of ribs numbers 5 ridges only. The 'handle' of the pack is squared with the grip filled in. There is trim on the left and right side of the pack (there is NO antenna)* ------------
  6. there is talk about the change to a 'clean' TK. I don't find this a valid argument. We have a CRL for sevral diffrent builds of the same thing. such as a ANH TK or even a ROFJ TK. Each costume is it's own CRL. If you can manage to figure out a way to swap details for builds then great! but the ability to swap details should never be considered for a CRL. The CRL is about costume standards and levels of details.. Also the refrance states Battlefront. I think it needs to be changed to "Battlefront 2' as that is what it is most commonly pulled from. yes there are comics with them but the BF2 game is were most if not 99% of our refrance pics comes from and that the titel "battlefront' is now the 3rd titel of the game series. Also. if a detail is in the refrance material then it sould be considered in the CRL. Such as the TD under the pack. (Make it for a higher level of detail if need be but it IS accurate and should NOT be disculded because it wasn't made to fit under your pack during your build. I was able to make it fit in my own build. The extra buttons on the armor Black tube striping on the helmet. No anntena on pack Black eyes lenses 3 ammo pouches. (Material can not be determaned when looking as long as they seam stright. so leather vs canvans I find is an iffy argument. now the pack.. as long as it looks approxamit shgould be good! but I have suggestions for bettering that as well but not to worried about that here. Here is my brake down of high res pics. also, my screen acurate build picture gallery to show that these levels of details can be done! can't have change without sombody willing to take that first step! May the CRL move onward to Costumed excelance!
  7. For the pack. I ended up using cardboard poster board and cutting my boxes to size and shape using a utility knife and T-square. then glueing them togeather like those paper dice we all made in school as a kid. For the seams I used spot putty and glazing powder to fill in gaps in the seams. I took me 2 backpack builds to get one I was happy with so do not worry about the small stuff. I am sure you will have it figured out in the end. Its good to see another person going HWT!
  8. I broke down some of these pics in my study of the pack and armor.. here are a few of them.
  9. Go through the photos in the link I posted. My own pack is shown at the end of the line up.
  10. Got my HWT build done. I went for 100% screen accuracy with armor as well as pack. I noticed the CRL does not reflect 100% accuracy on the Battlefront 2 Heavy Weapon Trooper but Thats what I did.. Can't have change without taking a step forward! I have the pack details, sizes and placement as well as the armor details! <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s77.photobucket.com/user/quadan/embed/slideshow/HWT"></iframe>
  11. you say the white plates on the tubes have 7 ridges.. My screen grabs shows 5 and 2 sets of ribbed plates.
  12. WHen glueing the cut to fit lid to the photo box the form the "radio" box, make sure not to glue the box to your work table.. Don't ask.. Just take it from me..
  13. Not good with posting picks but I have links. Wireing map ---------
  14. Ok, I am tinkering with an idea to turn one of my belt boxs into an audio controle box for my bucket's enviromental hearing. I have decided to go bluetooth but all I am seeing is that the BT headsets sync to a device. Have any of you had dealing with a wireless headset that plugs into an Audio jack rather then one that syncs to a device? as that is What I am thinking to use.
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