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  1. Added ukswrath to a fav in etsy for the future thanks!
  2. Richard it looks like I'll be going for a Stunt Build.
  3. Thanks for the tip! I have added them to my shopping cart for later.
  4. Hello - I have been lurking and reading many of the forum build posts for while now. I have started my own build using recommended vendors I researched on this forum. So far I have received much of what I need but am waiting on my armour (maybe August) and blaster rifle (probably September) to be able to make an application and post pics. My build topic is located here. Happy to be here and thanks to all for all of the great resources here. Cheers Jeff
  5. I forgot to mention that I also purchased the TrooperTalk app, a portable speaker and some connecting wires - followed the instructions on this youtube site and got the voice working pretty well. I will likely need to mount the amp in the underside of the chest-plate as others have done.
  6. Hello everyone - I have been lurking and reading here for a few months and have begun working on my storm trooper armour build. I have relied on advice and guidance provided on this forum to select the vendors from which to purchase the necessary items. So far I have ordered and received: from "stormtrooperundersuit" 1 x undersuit, 1 x balaclava and 1 x neck seal. from "imperialboots" 1 x pair of Classic 421 boots. I am waiting on a complete build of storm trooper armour from "Authentic Props" here in Canada and 1 x E-11 Blaster from "Quest Designs Canada". Can anyone tell me if I am forgetting anything? The storm trooper armour from AP includes: Armor/Helmet kit fully built ready to wear out of the box <-- I expect a few adjustments will need to be made. Leather ANH holster Rubber gloves Rubber flexible hand guards (preinstalled on gloves) Canvas belt Aluminum TD clips (Blaster, boots, black undersuit, neck seal not included) <-- made sure i purchased these separately. Cheers Jeff
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