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  1. I have a BFA in Technical Theater from UNSCA. One of the studies as part of the degree is props. I used to be in backstage theater. Now a pastor. So now I use it all for fun and enjoyment! (and the occasional sermon illustration!)
  2. Thanks Sylverbard. She is only 13 so I'guess I can have her just tag along on age appropriate events.
  3. Thanks for the well wishes. Quick question as a total NOOB to this whole thing. How is it possible to troop with my daughter after I get everything built and approved?
  4. So hey, I'm Art. I'm addicted to all things Star Wars. I've been building costumes and props for a while (I actually have a degree in it, but I do it for fun now) and am just getting started with the 501st. Looking to order a kit from Mark at AP. I am looking forward to assembling this with my daughter. Long story short, she developed cancer and we ran into a those trooping at a Cancer benefit from the Carolina Garrison and I was hooked! She's on her last chemo run and we are excited to get started!
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