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  1. Looking good. You can't escape that larger right forearm on the ATA kit. All of us ATA troops have it. You just have to pad it out a bit to keep it from rattling around.
  2. I want to check with some of the old pros here. Are the tube stripes on the correct sides?
  3. I have a friend who is putting together a helmet for a TK build. He accidentally cut the s trim short and had to put in an extra piece behind the vocorder. Thoughts on future approval? I'll get a pic up later.
  4. do me a favor. Post up a new thread under the ESB build thread section. This is where you will continue your progress. In that thread, post these pics and ask about your tube stripe alignment. I'll follow you over to that new thread for future progress.
  5. From what I see here, it's coming along nicely.
  6. I put foam strips inside each of the forearms. The right is the larger of the two. Even if you strap them to your biceps, the foam will keep them from rattling around. And by the time you add your gloves that tuck in and your hand guards, no one will see into your armor.
  7. Look at the picture below. These are stencils, but the same concept applies to decals. In the picture, the stripes are aligned the way they go on the helmet as it is positioned. So the stripes on the right side of the picture go on the helmet tube shown to the right of the picture (or left side of the face as you wear it). Make sense?
  8. Ok. I'll let Wally know. Through me of on the teeth for a moment as I get so used to seeing ESB buckets! Looking good. I think you may have your tube stripes on the wrong sides. I'll try to find a picture to show what I mean.
  9. The reason I ask is that your teeth need to be 1138 grey if you are going for ANH. Black is correct for ESB.
  10. I don't think you ever posted, or at least I never asked, ate you going for ANH stunt or ESB?
  11. Jamie, do me a favor and submit a new application to join Garrison Carida. I just got a message from Wally and I think your application got lost in the year end updates. Give me a heads up when you do.
  12. From what I can see, those are much better.
  13. Hell yes they do! Worst part of the whole build. Hang in there.
  14. The back of the right is a bit thick as is the front of the left. But otherwise this is coming along nicely.
  15. It all depends how confident you are in your build. I did it all with E6000, no matter the size or difficulty. I liked having the ability to reposition. But this was the first project of such a magnitude for me so I felt better going slow and having a safety switch, so to speak.
  16. E6000! Great start to your build. And to answer your question, I made bicep hooks for mine.
  17. The Sunday before Christmas, we did a small troop to visit a terminally I'll 3 year old boy at his home with gifts in hand. This is expected to be his last holiday season. It was both the hardest and the most memorable troop I'll likely ever be a part of. And the end of the day, this is why we do what we do. Bringing a little happiness to that courageous boy and to his family was something none of us will ever forget.
  18. I like those. Maybe a touch off of the top of the front 2. The eyes is up to you. I have gaps above and below that no one had every said a word about. It actually is Benfield beneficial for air flow.
  19. 2nd won't load right now. I'll try later. We should get the mods to move this to a build thread.
  20. Not at the moment. Doing great. Here's a couple more of my old progress pics for what they're worth.
  21. I saw those and was wondering what they were. The bottom looks fine to me. Remember you will have the runner trim running along the bottom edge. You can put it on now just to get a feel for the finished look.
  22. Looking good. But you still want to open up the teeth and clean them up some more. Maybe clean the eyes a bit too.
  23. In photobucket you can edit the size of each pic. Try that.
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