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  1. I got it. Coming along nicely so far. The teeth could use some more work. Use a small file and clean them out some more. A suggestion for the brow trim: it looks sharp when you angle the end of each side to run parallel to the outside edge of the trap above it. The top of the left ear (as you wear it) looks a bit thick.
  2. To you and yours as well. Why don't you drop me a PM with your information (name, email, location) and I'll see what I can do to get things moving.
  3. Our GML had a death in his family and is away right now. Don't lose faith, well get you in.
  4. Looking good so far, but you should work on the teeth summer more. Not just squaring them off, but making the holes bigger in general.
  5. Looks a little light and a little orange. There are variations in shading, but you may want to get some Rit Dye and color it. Just be sure to wash and dry before cutting or coloring
  6. Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes with staff at the Garrison too. Year end business. I'll touch base with Wally later today.
  7. To answer your question about MTK, he is a member here and also runs the Trooperbay.com website. I believe he is one of the few vendors to sell on ebay, but you would be better off going through here (just PM him) or going to the Trooperbay website. Hold off until you get signed up with Carida and Wally assigns you to an advisor. We'll get you going in the right direction without wasting your credits! Chances are you may end up with me as your advisor anyway.
  8. Anything you need Tim, and you know we're here for you!
  9. Welcome aboard. Come see us at Garrison Carida (covers PA in addition to WV and DE) and we'll help get you moving in the right direction! www.501stgarrisoncarida.org
  10. Last episode has a TK with a white one.
  11. It is hard to say exactly, to be honest. Some of the fitting certainly comes from the internal strapping system that you use to hold everything together. But the fit depends in large part on how the armor pieces fit together. For example, the shins, thighs, forearms and biceps are all rigid pieces after construction that you slide your arms/legs into. No amount of strapping adjustment will prevent a large arm or leg piece from being to large. You can pad them out with foam to a certain extent, but if you need too much padding, it may not look right. Now, depending on how the armor was constructed, you may be able to un-glue the pieces, cut them down to your size, and then re-glue them. So it all boils down to how big the size difference is, what kit was used, and how the armor was assembled.
  12. That's just sad. I hope there isn't some unsuspecting individual thinking he/she is buying a piece of history with that thing. A piece of something maybe....
  13. Thanks to one and all for the kind words. Better late than never! Good to see you brother! You're just making rounds on all of the same boards!
  14. I can't see the need or the desire to troop in TK armor that looks like this. I'm fine with the design for the cartoon, but that's not the point. We already know what TK armor looks like. We've known since 1977 and we've been sticklers for trying to perfect that look here. The TK from Rebels is nothing more than an artist's interpretation of what we already have. Why muddy the waters or create a CRL for an artist's vision of what we already know and love. Just doesn't make sense to me. The idea should be that the image of a TK from Rebels is what we already are, reduced to cartoon form. IMHO On a separate note, I walked around on Halloween with my TK kit on, and was flagged down by a dad that was strolling his daughter through the neighborhood. The little girl was about 3 years old, give or take a few months. He told me that his daughter spotted me, and begged him to come take a picture of the guy from Rebels! There's a whole new generation of fans on the way. And even a 3 year old knew that I was the embodiment of that cartoon trooper.
  15. What Gaz says. I think he is worried that the split between the two halves does not appear to be symmetrical. TK armor is just like that all over. Its not just the helmet that's wonky.
  16. Went out with the family. We had a familiar theme going, if I could just put my finger on it...
  17. I'm a bit late with this, but thought I'd post up anyway. Got out and trooped with my garrison mates in Carida on Star Wars Reads Day last month. It had been a cold and rainy morning so crowds were light at first, but picked up as the afternoon wore on. I was on my 3rd day of antibiotics for bronchitis and a sinus infection, and our navy man was under the weather too. But we managed to pull through . Nothing like a good troop to make you feel better! Me on the right
  18. Looks like you had a good time! Congrats! What happened with the belt? From your pics, it looks like you have snaps on the ab plate, but the belt was hanging really low in most of the pictures. Did it unsnap, or do you not have the snaps installed on the belt yet? And don't forget the black elastic around the bottom of the shoulder bells when you make the bicep hooks (can't tell if you have them already or not).
  19. Research is key, but you won't ever feel comfortable until you dig in and start cutting. Measure twice, cut once. And post up with questions when in doubt.
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