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  1. Not to throw a wrench in the works but there's a new Commander in town. https://shop.lego.com/en-US/Stormtrooper-Commander-75531?HQS=lego+stormtrooper+commander&cmp=KAC-SAHGOOGLEUS&ef_id=WCyaOwAAAe8kwwl7%3A20170614211032%3As&s_kwcid=AL%21790%213%21198046682043%21e%21%21g%21%21lego+stormtrooper+commander Leave it to Lego to add a new title to what we thought we knew.
  2. Yep, my issue came from skinny legs. I added padding like this and placed it where it would hold the armor securely in place. I haven't had an issue since.
  3. That's right. I don't know why it is saying that. If there is a way to contact the administrator, do that and let them know about the problem. If there isn't a way to do it there, pm Griffin-X here. He used to be the web guy for those forums, he may still be.
  4. That's a great start. They would love to see this over at the Pathfinders forums.
  5. This was incredibly well written. Some fan films really are cheesy but this was terrific. Well done!
  6. I have latex hand guards on nomex gloves. I used Gorilla Glue super glue gel. They stuck on and have not even thought of peeling off. I like the idea of the wax paper inside. I just winged it but that is an excellent idea.
  7. You can use the MICH helmet pads. Those can be positioned any way that is comfortable. They can be removed to wash. I went with a full motorcycle padding set. I glued in some velcro so I can take it out if necessary but it works great and is very comfortable. I hate the hardhat liners just because I have never found one that is comfortable or looks good. But that is only my opinion. There are a lot of troopers who love them so it is all personal choice. As far as painting the inside black, that too is personal choice. Mine is painted. Putting on my helmet, painted black and completely padded helps me get into character.
  8. Luckily, eBay makes it so difficult to report an item like this that he can pretty much do this stuff with impunity.
  9. I used Gorilla super glue gel. Don't wear them while you do this. It does soak through the nomex. And make sure you position them correctly. Once they are on, they are on.
  10. Matt Jackson SHA hearing aids with speaker 37
  11. I am short too. It's one of the many issues we have in armor. I can't turn my head more than a couple of inches and can't look up or down. There really isn't much you can do. About the only thing I can suggest is to adjust the padding to get closer to the mask. That will give you a bit of extra vision. Other than that, hope for a magical growth spurt.
  12. Not clearable but they will go quite nicely with a pair of jeans and a collared shirt.
  13. This seller is a bad re-caster. He changes his name regularly. You normally see him on eBay. I believe he started out as Makerofthings.
  14. Welcome to the boards. The original TK boots were dyed. There are several troopers who have dyed their boots and been approved. Some folks even prefer them. As for a Legacy Trooper, I couldn't say about approval, but the ones you have listed look pretty good as far as shape and style. I wish I had better information for you. Good luck.
  15. Save up and get a hyperfirm. I have an older one and I absolutely love it.
  16. The best place for the external microphones is under the top rubber trim. Drill two small holes underneath the rubber above the ears and mount them there. The rubber hides the microphones and it doesn't alter the helmet in any way that's noticeable. Plus it's far enough from your main microphone that there shouldn't be any feedback.
  17. Rubber gloves for approval, nomex for trooping. I have been wearing nomex since my military days and they are great. I just glued my latex hand guards directly to them and have never had a problem.
  18. My first armor was T/MC before I got AP. It's pretty good. In fact, I still wear the helmet.
  19. You are a hero! I know we have to have a medal to give you somewhere around here.
  20. The "Dooby" kit? Something you need to tell us?
  21. That is awful for that price. As Mark said, you can do much better with a kit. It's not tough and you will like it much more. I have a Kenner that I use for trooping so my good one doesn't get damaged. I paid $15 for it on eBay and painted it black. Much like this guy did.
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