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  1. I may have fallen in crack... I can't have access and apparently there is a very nice challenge coin available... TK-66303 request permission to join in! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24912
  2. There is certainly something I do not understand with posting pictures. How ridiculous it's look posting a small picture like that?!
  3. I got the white trim but was unable to get the 5-bouton plate. However, I did one myself… not the cleanest job in the world but will try to diminish the cut line with potty. So tomorrow I'm heading to the paint shop. I'm still waiting my trim so I won't be able to complete chest and back plates. It's moving in the good direction though...
  4. The correct color is white, not grey anymore. It appear that the grey color seen in the game was not correct...
  5. Congrats! Now we aim at Centurion level. Félicitations mon ami, on vise le Centurion maintenant.
  6. Hi guys, Anyone did save all the pictures with the proper dimensions on it? Stupid Photobucket just ruined the entire thread! Martin
  7. Hi guys, Just started the TKC myself. I'm trimming and slowly assembling the armor. Quite easy as I just finished my TK. I won't be able to get the Centurion level on this one as some parts of the armor were already trimmed and are too short to be used with the overlapping method. On this point, I think the CRL is quite wrong but it is what it is. The armor is from a video game, there are no indication about how the armor was made or not. At the end, I hope to be able to reach level two for this one and honestly, I like the butt joints and cover strip method because it gives more core to
  8. Martin Dauphinais 66303 EIB Letter Tony Thanks to all the staff who are taking time to make this happen and real. You are very dedicated to the cause and this is inspiring! Cheers, My pleasure, Martin! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/66303-eib.png
  9. Rivets changed and painted… paint still wet right now!
  10. Holy cow… my heart is bleeding. My cocking handle was broken and I didn't notice it! I was shocked when I saw the pictures with your comments. Luckily, I did find it in the bag I'm caring my stuff, so I put it back with some glue but I'm afraid it'll be very fragile… I've attached three pictures to show the handle! As for the rivets, if you talk about the size of the head, no, it is not 5/16… I thought it was the size of the shaft and not the head. Will try to correct it but I'm scared the hole will be too big for the smaller head.
  11. I edited the entire post, so all pictures available now. Thanks, Martin
  12. AP are really nice armor… I like them so much, I just bought a second one to make a TK Commander.
  13. Oh boy… all the pictures are mixed up… sorry for the mess… The pictures were way too large to be posted here so I had to reduce them and I'm not the best in doing this!
  14. Name: Martin Dauphinais FISD name: Dauph197 501st ID: 66303 Garrison: Forteresse Impériale Armour: Authentic Props (AP) Helmet: AP Blaster: Brett Fulford Height: 5'10" Weight: 190 lb Neck Seal: Darmans Props Electronics: None at this time Pictures:
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