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  1. Hey @jimmiroquai, I tried to message you but I don't know if it went through since it threw me an error message. I wanted to find out how to get added to the list and what deposit I need to make to you today.
  2. Right. I know that -- hence, the 'technicality' that they can sell it as a GF, but that's not what they're doing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. This is a PRIME EXAMPLE of why buying armor on eBay is a horrible idea. Star Wars Stormtrooper Armor Gerardo Follano GF Helmet, Armor Package In the opening sentence the seller says that he's a 501st member. Now, whether they really are remains to be seen, but (in my opinion) it's a pretty big A-hole move to post a version 2 GF helmet and armor in the first photo (lifted right from the "Star Wars Helmets" website) then posts pics of the REAL helmet that you'd get if you bought the armor, which is actually an FX helmet and armor. (essentially getting by on a 'technicality')
  4. I just sent you a message to get on the waiting list if you have any extras after Celebration. Fingers crossed -- I really like the poster!
  5. Personally, I really like the new armor and I was one of the people that did sign up for that interest thread. Given two options, I'll take (what looks like) comfortable armor that 99.999% of the planet wouldn't be able to tell the difference over the restricted movement, don't even think of trying to sit down, armor. But that's just me.
  6. Actually, it's exactly the point. DETAILS MAKE THE DESIGN! You can't say, 'it's not the point. All those are ...details!" then turn right around and point out... DETAILS of what you don't like! And I'm sorry, but I think you're way over romanticizing the OT armor based on nostalgia, not 'artistic design'. If the R1 armor was the FIRST armor we would have seen waaaaaaay back in 1977, and the OT armor would have been what the costume department put up for R1, EVERYBODY would be throwing a fit about how horrible it looks. I can see it already, "This armor SUCKS! Looks like it was designed
  7. Sorry, but I totally disagree. Members usually fall into two categories: "Screen Accurate" and "Imagined". I myself fall into the "Imagined" category. If the Empire were real, Stormtroopers would look much more like the Rogue One troops that we're pouring over in this string. I think the vents in the jawline, teardrops, and back of helmet are AWESOME. The actual tubes in the vocoder - INCREDIBLE! The recessed ab buttons and the moulded ammo belt SWEET! Personally I cannot WAIT for the first post offering the new TK armor (and I pray, PRAY it won't be ANOVOS that does it). When th
  8. Nice build! I got my MTK on Thursday and I've been hard at work as well! On the shoulder bell, you might try injecting a sliver of superglue and clamping tightly. One question I have -- what's the size of the tube for your TD? I'm going to Home Depot today and need to pick one up.
  9. Ah makes sense. Like I said I saw their site awhile back but wasn't paying too close of attention to them since I noticed that they were using pics that I KNEW wasn't their armor. I wound up selling my ANOVOS and going back and buying another MTK because I wasn't a fan of the final product. Good luck and I hope it works out for your recruit!
  10. "I don't want to tell him he wasted his money..." Are you asking because the armor is so bad that he can't get approved or he can't get approved because he bought a recast? I've seen their website once (can't remember how I got there) but I guess I didn't pay that much attention to it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. New version with changes. I took out the references to ANA logo and replaced it with a nondescript plane with the same colors. The Star Garrison logo would have lost detail when being converted to a patch so I replaced it with a passport stamp and the 501st text placed. I've attached it below. UPDATED:
  12. UPDATE: I submitted to my CO and the two LMO's - as Mark pointed out, we could have an issue with getting ANA to sign off, so I'm working on an alternative that keeps the essence of the patch, but keeps us out of trademark issues with AMA. I'll post an update shortly. Thanks for the feedback! P.S. Steve, "You Can't Be Sidious" was one of the other Troops that I had the honor of meeting and working with. We had a RIDICULOUS 24-hour turnaround (land in El Paso, then a 5 and a half hour car ride, 3 hours of sleep before a 2:30am call time, an hour ride to the location, wardrobe change
  13. Thanks, Paul! It was amazing and definitely a great consolation prize for not being able to go to Celebration!
  14. I was one of the four TK's cast by Lucasfilm for the upcoming All Nippon Airways commercial. The four of us had a great time and jokingly talked about having our own custom patch made (a la, The Anovos 75, The Rose Parade Crew, etc.) When I got back to OKC, I actually did design one and I would like to have a run of them done to commemorate the event. I sent a draft of the patch to the other guys, and I copied the Lucasfilm Rep that cast us (Rachel), since I am planning on giving her a couple of them. She loved them and so did the guys. HERE'S MY QUESTION: Is there a patch company
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