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  1. Congratulations John! You have done an amazing job! Very exciting to bring another EIB trooper to the ECG!
  2. Great work so far John! These should be pretty easy fixes for your. Lets bring another EIB home to the ECG!
  3. Hey John! Glad to see you over here on the FISD! Your armor looks great in person. You should end up having no problem going EIB soon!
  4. Thanks for the tag Jonatan. I believe we have Vincent sorted out. He is attending an armor party on April 20th from what I can see on our forums.
  5. Congratulations Chris! You are a great person and the right man for the job. We are all behind you!
  6. Congratulations Joseph!! It is going to be another amazing year!
  7. This is the one thing I wanted to comment on with my GML hat. I completely agree with Chemi here. We have some detachments in the legion who are very strict with their CRLs. Believe it or not the FISD is actually not one of them. I feel that the pauldron should look like the video game references from the start. Us GMLs will approve this based on the wording and the pictures. If people start building them then we will have a handful of these characters in the legion approved with a pauldron that looks like the one made at this point. The black lines should be moved more towards the center to be more in line with the reference photos shown.
  8. Just to chime in, I am another staff member in full support of Chris' and Justin's opinion in this matter. There will never be a thread posted on the FISD about the nature of this situation. However, if anyone does some digging of their own and/or reaches out to legion members then maybe you will be able to find the information you are looking for.
  9. This truly is such a sad day. Dan has contributed so much to our community. He was a friend whom I never had the pleasure of meeting in person. I just spoke to him a few days ago. Our community has lost a great person. Prayers to his wife and children. You will be missed Dan. RIP
  10. Hello Dryden and welcome to the FISD! Have a great time with your build!
  11. Everything you have said I cannot echo enough. I am also not in favor of creating a Disney Parks CRL. Until every detachment starts creating a Disney Park CRL for their costumes then we should not be the first. Lets be real. As you said those costumes are meant to fit a bunch of people and they are not "screen accurate." Yes the park goers still just see a stormtrooper but they also saw a dancing Darth Vader at Star Tours too. I doubt the SLD would create a CRL for Star Tours Dancing Darth Vader. If a person is actually building a FOTK then they would have the skills to mix some ABS pieces in with acetone, slap it on the seams and then sand it down. The FOTK is no walk in the park to begin with. Creating ABS paste should be small peanuts overall. It just comes down to people not wanting to do it.
  12. Here is my opinion. And again this is just my opinion. I feel that the CRL should not be modified. As mentioned it is clear that the seams do not exist in the movies. There have been many approved FOTK troopers that have built their armor to current basic standards. We shouldn’t change things because this is how a vendor has decided to manufacture their costume. If someone wanted to build an animation version and a CRL is created using seams then that would be totally viable. I understand that many people are receiving this kit and it could bolster the FOTK ranks but they should still build it to current basic standards. There are many costumes in the legion that could have some basic standards changed to make them easier to get approved but I just don’t believe it means we should.
  13. Congratulations Andrew!!! Another great year is ahead of everyone in this detachment!
  14. Hello Vanessa and welcome to the FISD! I can't wait to see your Captain Phasma build. The ECG could certainly use our first ever Phasma!
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