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  1. 6 years of trooping with my ATA kit. Still going strong.
  2. I use a 2 piece set. Makes bathroom breaks possible.
  3. I went through the list of available numbers once I submitted my approval. Always liked the number 76, the rest didn't really matter.
  4. Didn't pay any duties that I can recall. The only thing that I've ever paid duties on was a bath robe bought off of ThinkGeek.
  5. I ordered my armor from ATA and it arrived no problem. From everything I have purchased , usually from sellers in the US, I've never had anything go missing yet.
  6. Is it possible to have more than one expensive, time consuming hobby? Not according to my wife.
  7. I can only speak on the TK Boots. I've done a lot of hours in photobooths, even did a 5 km walk and a parade. Comfort wise they are pretty good. Not as good as the Magnums I wear at work but they are comfy enough. Any boot can be comfy though if you add the right insole.
  8. In the meantime like you mentioned start looking for the blaster and other components that the armor doesn't come with. That might help with the wait. I hear you though, the waiting is the worst sometimes. And start reading some build threads. I had pictures hanging all ove rmy basement before my kit even arrived.
  9. I have ATA armor and a RT-MOD helmet. They match reasonably well but there is a little difference. Seeing that some of the helmets in the original movies didn't match with the armor as well it's all good. Slight differences shouldn't matter.
  10. I believe the Magma troopers are pulled from red ABS plastic rather than white ABS plastic. Makes it way easier than painting all that armor.
  11. Another option would be a truck bed liner spray. It comes in an spray can just like plastidip does. Not sure which is cheaper to use. It's a permanent thing too. After I sprayed the inside of my helmet I had no issues attaching fans. When it dries it's not a smooth surface either so it kinda helped with attaching the fans. It's a rough surface. The brand I used smelled really bad when it was wet but when it dried the smell went away.
  12. More Stormtroopers! Love the look of the chrome trooper as well.
  13. Really cool. Can't wait to see some more great pictures from CVII.
  14. I have a feeling there may be a lot more TK's coming out soon. At that price in kit form with a completed helmet, depending on the quality, it doesn't look that bad. I'm skeptical about buying something that I can't see though. Everything is subject to change.
  15. If this happens to you Just bring back-up and the tables are turned It isn't only sandpeople that use strength in numbers.
  16. I've been looking for a good throat mike. Thanks for sharing, will be ordering mine very soon. Wearing glasses and using the over the ear mike is such a pain. That and basically having to eat the microphone the whole time, this setup looks way better.
  17. I believe I was confused. So this picture below is our mascot then. --------------- My bad, I even have one of the T-shirts that has the stepping out trooper on it.
  18. I am fairly new to this , only have a few years in but I have a question. Last year there was a post asking for an 11 inch patch of the FISD Logo in this thread http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26679-any-chance-for-a-11-patch-of-the-fisd-logo/ In the thread it was stated that any patch would probably be the stepping out trooper. Here's my dilemma, why would we have a big patch made of a trooper carrying the weapon below if it can't be carried for formal events? SE-14R Blaster For 501st approval: The SE-14R blaster was only seen on promotional pictures. It has a correct scope if carried in lieu of the E-11 for informal events. I would venture a guess that it's because of the history maybe? Being from the Military I understand about traditions observing them. Again I apologize if I ruffle any feathers over this but I was just curious about whether the weapon could be switched for the E-11 which is what almost every trooper carries? I'm not asking for a patch run to be done or anything, I guess I'm just interested in a little history lesson.
  19. It's listed in the Optional Accessories in the CRL's found here http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt As long as it's in there you should be able to carry it.
  20. Mine as well, has held up awesome over these last few years. Love my ATA armor. It's worth the wait.
  21. Everything looks pretty nice. Will be good to see the whole reference shots once more video comes out. So exciting.
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