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  1. Question: How accurate is this? Whats being used as reference? Would love to see reference pics
  2. There's a resin block that matches the U shaped slot in the chest plate. I'm guessing the slot on the armor gets cut out here with the block glued behind it. There's a decal for it. Is this optional? Decal OR cut and glue and paint the block? Or does it truly look inaccurate if not cut out?
  3. Raylen


    I see lots of TK boots available on eBay. I know its best to stay away when dealing with quality costuming stuff there but does anyone know if this applies to footwear as well. Any recommended sellers on eBay??? I don't want to wait till the last minute on the part that's usually hardest for me to find.
  4. TK boots seem to be fairly easy to find. There's plenty on ebay right now for decent prices. However, lots of costume related items on ebay are sketchy quality and accuracy. Does this apply to boots as well? Any specific sellers on ebay that are reputable for boots?
  5. This may seem a bit of a noob question... All my costumes have flightsuits and the most armor I've done is a Biker Scout, so this is quite a daunting build for me. What are people using for their base body suit??? Underarmor?
  6. ok, but i think i sanded them down too far because i thought the back was supposed to be nested like the other two. So I need to know what that dimension is supposed to be. Also, I have NO IDEA where the soft pouch is supposed to be. There's a cover plate for it but I can't find any pics of this pouch in the directions. These instructions are horrible.
  7. These are the two small boxes that attach horizontally on the front of the belt. One has a groove on it. There are two pieces to each. A front and back. I thought the back was to nest inside the front like some other parts on the TFA do. But it appears they are supposed to be glued edge to edge. If they are edge to edge or nested, I need dimensions on the total thickness of the box. Could find directions for the side boxes, but they didn't seem to address the skinny front ones.
  8. you mean per side, right? 10mm front half and 10mm back half?
  9. the directions didn't seem to address these. A little confusing. What is supposed to be the total depth?
  10. Thanks for all the input. If not difficult, it may be best to paint the helmet as well to ensure matching. I have NEVER had good experience with Rustoleum so I will be staying far far away. Always seems runny and takes about 5 years for even a thin coat to lose tackiness. Always had good luck with Krylon.
  11. There's a lot of bondo work for seams on a number of parts. I was wondering... 1) Has anyone has painted JUST the bondo-ed parts versus every armor piece? (For example, paint the thermal det but not kidney plate). If so, how well does it match up? 2) What paint did you use? I was going to use Krylon Fusion 3) Clear coat??? 4) Has anyone had issues with the paint chipping? This was why I thought maybe painted only the necessary parts might be best.
  12. looks good. i'd need to see a close up comparison though
  13. That's surprising. The helmets seem to rest very low compared to TKs. Almost no one appears to have a neck when wearing them
  14. I use a product called Tamiya Squadron Putty. Comes in a small tube, dries fast, and is made for plastics. Always worked well for me. Not sure about areas that require a ton of flex.
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