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  1. Salut. Tu es un peu en happy person . C'était en 2015 [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I still have 2 questions though: 1- Where do I get a 5-button strip? 2- What do I do with the 22mm kidney notch (which was required for TK Centurion)?
  3. Greetings brother (and sister) troopers! I have a centurion-level ANH Stunt Stormtrooper (AP build) and I am interested in converting it into a TK Commander. Obviously I cannot consider a Level 3 TKC because both centurions are incompatible. But I'm quite OK with having a Level 1 TKC. After reading the CRL, here are the changes I have to make. Can you tell me if I summed it up OK? 1) Fuse the kidney/butt plates into 1 piece 2) Flip 180 degrees the wide button plate on the abdomen 3) Change the 4-button rectangular plate into a 5-button plate 4) Remove the return edges of the torso plates and add the white c-trim border 5) Paint job: Blue stripes, black buttons, anchor design on the ears, grey dropboxes. Is that it? And I have additional questions: - For the rectangular 5-button plate... Is the plate the same height (i.e. buttons are smaller)? Or is it taller (i.e. buttons as the same size)? - The 22mm kidney cutout notch.... can it stay there? It's not mentioned at all (I think) in the TKC CRL. Thanks
  4. Can't find it either. It's not in the Ongoing Sales section. Where's the Detachment Merch page?
  5. Je vais faire une petite visite de 4 jours à Paris en début septembre (ma 1ère fois)... Y'a-t-il des TK qui veulent prendre une petite bière?
  6. Hi everyone! Within a few days of being accepted in the Legion, I just got my Legion Centurion certification. This is AWESOME! Cheers
  7. Stephane Verreault 15359 EIB Letter Thank you!
  8. Expert Infantry Battalion level achieved! Thanks everyone for your help!
  9. Thank you everyone! I'll have that Centurion application up very soon. Cheers!
  10. Hi Chills, The decals I had came with the AP. They look too perfect... printer-perfect. I found it too difficult to apply. When I managed to properly smoothe a side, the other would pop out. Then, when I fixed that part, the first half would also pop out. I got frustrated and removed them. That's why I decided to just paint them.
  11. The helmet is hand-painted.. except for the tube stripes. I tried to put on the decals.My hope was to use them as templates and paint "over" them. But I found that applying the decals was too much trouble. So I just painted the details.
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