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  1. We don't have to deal with it, we can take a disliking to it and that is completely reasonable, much the same as those who love it.This is a discussion forum, I put my opinions down politely and as stated are my opinion. I don't expect everyone to agree, but equally I don't accept being told to deal with it. Not sure what jedi helmet you are looking at that is a completely different shape :-o softer yes, but essentially the same ESB helmet, same as Vaders helmet changes from ANH to Jedi.
  2. The changes were minimal, yes to the trained eye we spot the chest box changes, the belt changes, the face mask sculpts, neck hooks etc. I don't think these were intended to show upgrades, more the piece evolved in the workshop.That said, the TK also changed but not significantly yet again, we all know the evolution of the Jedi from a ESB set. I wouldn't have a problem if the same degree of changes had been minimal and using the OT TKs as a basis, but to me the evolution has designed an almost completely different look, and certainly outweighs any level of changes to vader of the same approx time period
  3. Well that is my point, you say it would need to be upgraded over the time period, yet Vader went through from Sith to Jedi with no changes, except a helmet resculpt which in essence is exactly the same. The flash back scene is only a rumour as it is possible that he was also cloned by the Emperor, just an idea as the full involment of Vader in Episode7 has not been released and the flashback is only a rumour started on a thread.As to not making sense, there are many things that don't make sense, but I feel the significant changes of the Stormtroopers has been a detriment. At the height of the galaxy the Stormtroopers probably have the most low tech design, compared to the films before and looking at the images after. This in my opinion should have been taken into account and the new designs worked around that. Yes the Stomtrooper was designed in 1977, so that us what we got, now I feel design is running away, in every film. As said maybe a traditionalist, but changes I feel should have been less, if nothing else as a tribute to the iconic stormtrooper design. If the original films gave us one thing, it was that simplicity worked and once a character is established and recognised stay with it. The stormtrooper, although many in number, is a significant character in my eyes. This alone has really put me off the new films, I really hoped it would go back to the original visions we grew up with. He looks like the STIG from Top Gear.
  4. My excitement is gradually drifting away after seeing this image It is sad, but whereas I hoped the clones and troopers after the Original Trilogy would compliment the original TK, the TK has now sort of fitted in uncomfortably in the middle as a minority. The integrity of the originals has been washed away with a new concept in every film. At the advancement levels the clones evolved, the TKs in the original would have changed, but they didnt. I think this pattern should have been retained more throughout. Minimal changes, possibly but controlled.
  5. For me I really don't like it. I am probably too much a traditionalist but it now looks like any other sci fi incarnation, where as before the vision was groundbreaking. While I see the evolution argument, I don't see why the iconic image of the stormtrooper could not be kept throughout. The fact that Vader never once changed his appearance, from Sith to Jedi, the evolution argument washes even less. If his trooper changed surely he would. They messed with a perfectly good and unique stormtrooper to me for the sake of it. If rumour is correct that Vader may make an appearance in Episode 7, god forbid they mess around with his appearance
  6. Thanks everyone, it's great to be back with the community. Will definitely be posting progress, all the best Gra
  7. Hi all, Some you you may remember me, I have built a fair few TKs and kids over the years but my collection diminished a couple of years ago. I always intended to return and as I have never built a ROTJ it seemed the best place to start, I think I have a renewed passion for these as I got tired of the others and didn't fancy tackling another of the same again. Big thanks to Mark as I am now awaiting my new CFO. It will be a display item only and not sure how long it will take but looking forward to it. All the best Gra
  8. Many thanks to all who have replied and glad you have received ok, best wishes gra
  9. My wife made me get angry birds and I have the weather, COOL is not the word, how can I get the others, apart from sending my phone to your bro Best wishes Gra
  10. Hi mate, I am amazed, superb, I realise a TK/TD is hard to put together but I know this will push me to the max would you mind if I picked your brains for some help, my first is some dreads. I posted on the help but after lots of views had no response. Luukilcy I think I have ok making and painting skills, I really do need some direction though Cheers mate Gra
  11. Hi all, I can't thank Smally enough for a great trade, Always been a fan of Pred and now I have this lovely head. I hope it will be the start of a full set up, NOT in place of SW by the way but more a new addition to a props room. Looking to get some dreads now and then will add the quills. Smally is the best to deal with and I love it, if any memebers are on Hunters please let me know as I am very very new to that direction of the hobby. best wishes and thanks again mate gra
  12. Hi all, I'm now back, all my guys and girls got off safely. Brize is a better place than I remember :-) Still have a couple of hundred to move over next 3 months and will be doing my best for them when needed, I also now have an iphone, my mates are taking the mickey as I am now modern, so I can always be around, why did I wait so long, contract played a big bit. I can't put the thing down now so always ready for a hello. Best wishes Gra
  13. I think 3PO is actually, and dare I say it, the coolest SW costume there is. However I am Darkside and far too broad to fit into one, I love my baddies though, I think it is because a good 3po is very very rare. It does help be trooper size getting to the bar on a Fri night though, just wish I was wookie vader size like my mate Me and my mate, it was a quick pic for a kids concert hence some missing bits, both my rigs but me TK, I'm 5'11( sorry for repeat pic buts its the only one I have of us) Regards Gra
  14. I am surprised the Sidi Driss pic has not been picked up over his right shoulder, below my wife pic, shucks holiday, but worth it to sit in Lukes humble abode :-) I have travelled the world, it was shucks as I had some 19 year old telling me to sing, 'The wheels on the bus on every trip' grrrr My wife only went as she knew how much i wanted to see it, I only went for that too, 10mins, but every min counted. Was nice to see the sunset in the SaharaFelt strange to see a WALLS ice cream machine just outside where luke left 3PO though :-) Salt plains are really beautiful This is my normal face, I was squinting as it was so bright but with my lovely Cath, the Salt Plains
  15. Thanks guys, as you know i collect far too much, but I hope to move house in a couple of years and as we hve no children ( married 20 yrs) we decided a 2 bed with a large garage would be better than our 3 bed now, which is not 3 bed really as I have a small box room and over doing that. The garage will then be mine and I will convert it to an out house, I am collecting so I can have the true props room I have always wanted, and my wife is actually happy, as the house will then be SW tidy, ish :-) I will go minimal then but quality, which I probably have, just need a bigger room. best wishes Gra
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