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  1. sorry cant reply back to post yet  what sizing is the kit?

    and or what are your #s


  2. Which plastic, abs or pvc? 

  3. I wish you luck on getting these to be an exact replica. I would definitely want a pair.
  4. Congrats Mike! Who knew this would be so exhausting huh? I didn't know RS suits were challenged to make EIB. --Centurion #9
  5. What's up Kyle! 1st bit of advice is read as much as you can on this site. Everything you can think of is here. So get armor. Put it together. Share your build with people on this site. Take their advice. Complete your armor. Then try to become a member of the Golden Gate Garrison!
  6. We're the ears on the original ROTJ glued on?
  7. Just want to let you know that my head is also 7-1/2 and I have fit a TM, AP, TE2, CAP-W, and ATA helmet easily.
  8. ^^yes Mark it does. And you have made your changes with time, wasn't it fun? And on a side note...why are you not a Centurion yet?
  9. Yes. First things first people. Can't Run before we walk. This vote is a slam dunk. So when can the CRL officially change?
  10. Agreed. Thanks Paul!
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