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  1. Oh yes. That was the first thing I did when installing my new fans. Make sure EVERYTHING goes in and out easily.
  2. Well, I got kind of lucky. The sales rep and my job has USB batteries he gives out to potential customers. He's got a whole crate full of them! They are only 2220, but I tried one and it lasted almost two hours on the fans. So I got about 5 of them from him.
  3. Can you recommend one? All the ones I see on Amazon seem to have that button.
  4. I am currently trying one of these USB fan set ups. I ordered the Anker powercore 3550 usb battery, but I am having a problem. These batteries have a small button on them that is required to be pushed in order for the battery to come on. It is a SMALL button, not much bigger than a pinhead. If I turn off my fans for more than a minute or so, this tiny button is required to be pushed again (in addition to the on/off switch for the fans). So in essence, when the fans are turned off, now there are two buttons that have to be turned on in order to get the fans going again. The button on the batter
  5. It is best to use a light grit sandpaper and sand off the gloss on the area where the velcro sticks down. Also helps to use an Xacto blade and score those areas. I also use a cross hatch pattern when scoring. It gives the adhesive something to bite into.
  6. Go look in the insulation area of a hardware store or Walmart. They have these rolls of foam that is about 1" wide and has it's own adhesive strip on one side. Just cut it to whatever length you need and apply. That's what I have been using for years.
  7. Damn, that is a wicked stand you made. Ever consider making some of those to sell?
  8. First off I want to say I enjoy trooping and I love all my fellow troopers and appreciate their costumes and their love of Star Wars. So I am NOT trying to put anyone down here. So with that said, it seems to me, that when I do get to troop these days (it's not nearly enough, but I do it when I can) I tend to see less and less of the core costumes ie TKs, Vaders, etc. It seems (at least where I am) everyone is going towards the more "comfortable" or easier to build, or cheaper costumes. I have nothing against these costumes as long as they are accurate, but to me those costumes alone ju
  9. I simply cut off the headset part of my Aker and just mounted the mike into my helmet.
  10. Whoa whoa whoa, are you saying TKBOOTS is no more? This is the first I've heard of this. Anyone know whats going on? EDIT, oh just went to their site and got the story. Man, that sucks!!! I'm so glad I have two pair of their boots (the low cut and the later higher ankle ones). I hope they last a long while!!
  11. Inside of the elbows. It's ruff in summertime trooping and then wearing short sleeve shirts afterwards. Everyone thinks you are a junkie.
  12. That bike is one of the coolest things I've ever freakin' seen!!!!
  13. I've been doing this exact thing for years. Here's a tip tho--DO NOT keep these files on your computer! Put them on a flashdrive or on some other external back up. If they are on your computer--one crash or virus and you could lose them all. I not only do the file storing but I still take my files to Walgreens and get them actually printed. Several years ago I went and bought several 500 count matching photo albums. I still like to look at photo albums (yeah, I'm oldschool), and since I bought several books I've got enough empty space in them to last the rest of my life.
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