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  1. you could probably make the same (or more) $ if you sell the fan system and padding separately and just donate the helmet to a child in need (toys for tots or another charity) JMHO
  2. i dont even like to click on the IE icon on my desktop for testing my malware guard and firewall just go nuts every time lol
  3. Lucas is working at fixing the compatibility issues with IE, Firefox and google chrome are working fine
  4. looks like hips? is it really shiny or flat white? got a closeup pic?
  5. do you have scrap/junkyards? you may be able to salvage some from old equipment. you can also do this old trick i use for stripped screws.. tale a Phillips or other type of screw and fill the head with epoxy, then take a dremel and make a single cut along the center to make a flathead.
  6. all of the current TK's have blue tubestripes (except the skytrooper) for esb helmet Frown is painted black and does not leave the teeth area. Eight or six total teeth on the frown are cut out. Tube stripes are medium blue, should be 13 per side, but can be 9 and 16 per side with the curve bends extending backwards. for the esb holster Made of black leather or leather-like material. Holster shall be worn on the right and affixed via two loops over the belt. Holster straps shall be completely black. you should also check the esb CRL here http://www.501st.com...ostuming:TK_esb if your stripes are black you will likely need new decals also i sent you a message for some pics it will help us help you
  7. is the helmet in 2 pieces (faceplate and dome) or more ? if it is in 3 parts it is FX
  8. you may need to clear your browser cache it should be fixed now.
  9. very nice it looks like you may have put the rubber trim on up-side-down.. but it looks much better in the lower position
  10. actually, i contacted the seller as to the origins and he claims they are cast directly from an ANH hero helmet recast.. "The helmet was cast from a helmet casted by an original ANH Hero helmet used in the movie."
  11. he says it a recast in the listing its quite obvious the seller also just sold a vac table and had other molds available but edited his listing ? he claims to have made stormtrooper armor with it.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&item=140716979279&nma=true&rt=nc&si=Spiz3QRnXUy8ObG6xyhl95ZWqBA%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  12. Congrats Tom! (rougetrooper ) on your 3000th post! and thank you for all the time you have put in to making the FISD a better place for all.. you are the true embodiment of troopers helping troopers.. heres to another 3K
  13. nice!!! i just wish spring was here lol its snowing here now
  14. actually there was a problem with the software we need to install an update the to make this work
  15. save your empty bottle$ and only eat ramen noodles and canned tuna if you really want armor there is always a way
  16. well i have to say that you shouldnt give up i started out with a total costume budget of 0$ here is what i did i started out making my first E-11 blaster from 100% recycled materials... total cost about 10$ for the paint and glue.. at this time i had no idea the 501st even existed.. i sold the blaster on ebay and it sold in under 5 minuets.. i was then contacted by a 501st member that wanted the blaster and he directed me here... once i found out i could get my own stormtrooper armor i just had to get one!!! but the wife said no finally i came to an agreement with the wife that i could make a few more of these blasters and sell them that 1/2 of the money would be for bills and the rest for my first TK so i made a few more within several moths i had saved enough to order my ATA kit!! i started saving my pennies in Jan 2010 and had my big brown box of armor in may.. looking back, it was well worth the wait PS: i used my wait time to study,study study all thing stormtrooper hint hint.. and make as much of the extra parts you can from scratch it saved me a ton
  17. well welded mags would support my breech loading theory.. welding them on would be logical to prevent the percussion of the blank firing from causing injury.. just a theory though
  18. i agree they were originally white.. but one thing that really stands out is your U-trim stands out far too much in contrast to the rest of the armor.. in ROTJ the belts,U-trim trim were all matched in color very closely.. i would recommend painting the U-trim to match the armor or vice versa
  19. oh ok i found it lol, the L2A3 was made in 1956. it was the last version used by the British Army. so after that they were used for other means,, thus the short mags started coming into play. so by post war i meant post military use. sorry lol, too much information to remember
  20. i think some prototype sterlings were used at the end of the war to test for replacing the sten .. steel was likely still scarce at that time.. i read a lot of stuff on various gun forums so i cant recall all the specifics..
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