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  1. Yeah the parade was during the day, but the amateurs we're out in force for the festival. Most of the crowd was great, lots of parents and kids. That made me even more disgusted and/or angry at the behavior of the troop tramp and the drunken pumpkin tosser.
  2. Welcome John. When you get your bearings be sure to check in with the GA Garrison. We have armor parties often and if you like you can come out on some troops as a handler to see how you like the group! https://ga501st.com/forums/ Request Cadet Access: https://ga501st.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=98&sid=f880301ad3f9992826a18f0654f064f4
  3. Here's a non-TK horror story that turns the tables ... Boo in the Zoo last year. A girl about 9 or 10 years old wasn't exactly in the spirit of the day and just kept repeating, "You're not real! You're not real! You're not real!" I tried a couple of gestures like arms akimbo or drying my eyes like I was crying but she kept at it. Sooooo I stuck my finger up my nose, rooted around for a minute and then "wiped" it on her arm. As I snitched away I heard her mortified squeal- "THAT! IS! DISGUSTING!!" Moral of the story, if you grow up too fast you get snitch boogers on you. Thus endeth the lesson.
  4. We also had one kid at a hockey game that was out of control. Maybe 8 or 10 yrs old. Wailing on troopers with a light saber and trying to grab their guns. Mom and Dad were pathetic. "No, don't, stop .. stop son .. now stop that .. son .. stop that." Finally one TK in our group took off her bucket and went from costumed character to wrath of mother nature + grandma rules + mom at breaking point + fed up teacher in about .00002 seconds. I think the parents were more scared and ashamed than the kid.
  5. No particular order - Last "general request" b-day party I ever did we walked into the living room and about 20 kids hopped up on cake and candy started to wail on me and another TK with lightsabers. Luckily Chewie was with us an let out a roar that stopped it before the parents decided to react. Never forget, never again. - Halloween parade in a place called Little 5 Points here in Atlanta. A pretty raucous place. Two stories from that one. 1st there was some woman from the crowd who was completely blitzed out of her mind sloppy, drunk and disgusting. She kept getting in front of the troopers and trying to *gag* grind on them. It was a sickening display. I was able to sidestep her so I didn't need to burn my armor later. Second incident, after the parade I was walking back to my car, stupidly alone. Heard some drunken frat boys bloviating abut something like, "Hey man arrreeee youuu duh Death Star, something, something ..." I just kept walking then saw a pumpkin fly about 3 feet from my head, arch over the parking lot and hit a parked BMW putting a sizeable dent in it. I spun around towards them just in time to see an Atlanta cop give that dipshucks a full body flying tackle for his trouble. Lesson learned, if you're ever in costume around drunks be sure and buddy up and if possible have a non-costumed handler at all times present. - Atlanta Braves game. Done this a number of times and costuming around folks drinking rules apply as above. One troop, later in the event I went with another TK into the tunnel to take photos with folks. A completely soused couple walk up, mom starts grinding on us, dad making a display of himself swearing and egging her on as he takes pics. Whole time they have a little girl, 10 or so trailing behind them who looked mortified. I can't recall what it was exactly, but the Dad said something totally inappropriate and me and the other TK called him on it and made his look even more like a jerk. He deserved it but I hated that it happened in front of the little girl. I walked right back to the changing room and left for the night. What I've learned is that many kids can't hold their cake and many adults can't hold their booze and they act about the same when they cross that threshold.
  6. I'm very encouraged by what I've seen and my current kit is starting to worry about why I'm browsing the MEPD forums.
  7. It's always dictated by personal preference and there's always a balance between what the camera filmed and what I (we) saw on screen. Without getting into semantics too much, "Screen Accurate" to me is what I first saw saw on the screen in '77 and after even on VHS (long before Blue Ray). For example I never saw white duct tape, but it's there and I see no mad rush to add white tape to our armor. Case in point - I made a Jawa for my daughter and used black gaffers tape on the mask as was used on set. It looked awful IRL. I swapped it for a fabric wrap and then I saw what I saw on screen. I have a Franken-kit, mostly FX, MTK lid, RT Mod thighs chest and backplate. I'm in this pic below on the right. I also ordered an Anovos kit and I'm excited to see the final product. My personal verdict is still out for me though as the lines do look very clean and sharp. More than I am used to so I'll just have to get it into my hands and in front of my eyes to see what's what.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darning Darning is probably the trick. It take some patience and time, but it's not rocket science. The velcro in the back will make it harder though. YMMV.
  9. I'm all but certain you can just pop the top rivets and snaps and move on. It's not likely to leave a gaping maw and after a couple of troops your belt will have plenty of other .. "character."
  10. We have quite a few folks in the Athens area who have frequent armor parties. Sign up here and say hello! https://ga501st.com/forums/
  11. We have quite a few folks in the Athens area who have frequent armor parties. Sign up here and say hello! https://ga501st.com/forums/
  12. So much of this is subjective you just have to sort it out to your own tastes and preferences at some point. For my part I started with snaps and have had a few fail. I make more and more use of velcro as I maintain/repair my kit. I've never, ever heard the velcro make a peep while trooping and I have it holding my legs up and together as well as on my elbows. I also use it to hold chest and back plate over my shoulders and my sides at the kidney and ab plates. Snaps remain connecting cod to ab (mine is cut), butt plate to kidney (also cut) as well as backplate to kidney though on that I reinforced the snaps with velcro to keep them from popping. I also used both inner and outer strips on legs and arms and will do it again when the Anovos shows up. I'm sure you can get by without them, but they do make it easier when assembling and I like to think I have less chance of a catastrophic malfunction mid-troop by having and inner and outer strip.
  13. Is anyone else seeing double posts in here?
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