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  1. i believe he is referring to the thumbnails on the main index page i didn't even notice it until quebectrooper pointed it out i think somthing like this
  2. lol !! i never really noticed that until you posted it.. but im sure it is that way for good reasons like server space, page load times, ect...
  3. well i gave him the saber this morning and that is all i have heard for over 3 hours!!! the thing talks in Japanese lol.. also you will notice a cat hiding on the kitchen table if you look closely.. the animals are safe so far, only the rebel scum spongebob has taken a beating
  4. i got my son this lightsaber from japan and now the mayhem begins.. the first casualty is spongebob square pants
  5. ya it also needs front sights and that little conical disk thingy and cocking lever
  6. this is a custom scratchbuilt fully functional dlt-19. it has lights throughout the barrel and 10 blaster sounds to choose from. the main body is lightweight steel alloy and the stock is hand carved wood. also the sound pitch/lights can be adjusted with a slider to get a wide array of sound options.also a working bi-pod and a custom hardshell case sound demo
  7. polarity can matter with some circuits but simply test by touching the 1/8 jack wires to the blaster speaker briefly when firing the blaster (you can use alligator clips) if there is no sound just reverse the wires by genral rule the center wire is + and the outer is -
  8. yea this works. just hook the 1/8th inch jack wires directly to the speakers +/- terminals of the gun (do not remove or bypass the original speaker)and you should be good to go. test at low volume first as gun output voltages can vary i tested this with a 20 watt amp and toy blaster for a 20 watt dlt19 project im working on. just remember all amps/guns are different so do this at your own risk
  9. hi, well from what i gather you want lights,programmable sound, and vibration right? first off building a sound recording circuit requires flash memory and where it is possible to make on a modular breadboard it would cost more and be less reliable than just buying a pre-assembled pcb or recording kit links to sound curcuit ----------- you can also find cheap toy laser guns that have star wars "like" sounds that have leds already wired, this method saves a lot of time/money and frustration second do not try to run the sound along with the vibration from the same power source. put two switches in your trigger or a switch that has multiple poles. here is a rough diagram of the circuit --------- if you need any more help send me a pm im always happy to help out
  10. i was checking these vac forming molds out, but they look kinda weird http://cgi.ebay.com/Star-Wars-Storm-Trooper-Armour-Molds-Prop-Lot-501st-SEE_W0QQitemZ290415076977QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item439e166671 worth a bid? or junk?
  11. i have removed logos from my work shirts using this method http://www.ehow.com/how_4857218_remove-fabric-paint-clothing.html never tested on your type of material but it worked for cotton/poly polo shirts
  12. hi, i worked for the humane society for a few years and had my share of stink-foot i tried everything under the sun, but i found a few that worked 1: odoban (this can be found at pet stores or walmarts pet section 2: vinegar (put some in a spray bottle and mist them and let dry) 3: athletes foot powder (use this aftef vinager dries competly) oh and do not try fabreeze it only made my shoes smell worse hope this helps
  13. this may sound stupid but try wrapping some black electrical tape around the end of the magazine until it fits tightly... just a quick fix though
  14. if you have a local walmart they sell floor lamps that use 1 1/4" pipe, they are around 20$, also a old metal bicycle pump will work, they are not aluminum but very light steel and easy to find
  15. always happy to help out.. i shrunk it down a notch for ya
  16. i make my t-tracks form aluminum. if your interested i can show pics on how to make them. all you need is a vise,sawzall and piece of aluminum trim
  17. it may look larger because i am a small person. the barrel is a standard 1 1/2" and the scope is 1 1/4" diameter. also i only had pictures as a reference, ive never seen an actual blaster
  18. hi i just finished my 2nd prototype e-11 and just want to know what people think, it is constructed of metal, wood some small pvc bits, the mail barrel is steel the t-tracks are aluminum and the handle is carved from oak, basically i used everything but the kitchen sink to make this (oh it does have parts from a sink) i put a load of extras into this blaster here is a list of its functions 1: real laser emits from barrel 2: smoke comes out of barrel tip when special button is pushed along with trigger 3: magnetically attached hengstler counter lights up and flashes (can be removed for anh/esb conversion) 4: blaster sound 5: red flashing led under barrel t-tracks 5: working folding stock 6: working trigger 7: scope is see through with cross-hairs (does not magnify) Demo video -------- here are some pics -------- i had a blast making this thing and hope to make many more
  19. i found this site had lots of useful build tips ------------ i also saved the template files from the site luckily if you need the templates message me oh i have this site also www.studiocreations.com/howto/blasterrifle/main.html its not very accurate but good for ideas
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