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  1. well the mkVI also had a option of a 10 round mag if i recall correctly, but this like the para pistol was a post war model.. i dont think sterling would have produced one for use with the MK4.. it would be a waste of steel to make a 10 round mag for use on the battlefield IMHO, and i can find no record of short mags ever being made until after the war.. the post war models were used primarily for law enforcement not trench battles (where a 10 round mag would have been useless).. i am only assuming that the sterlings used on screen being MK4's, that they were military surplus and would have came with the standard 34 round mag.. i highly doubt that the prop department went out and purchased newer magazines..
  2. here is a good pic showing the 3 variations of magazine. 10,15 and 34 round
  3. fantastic! any plans to go centurion? you look like your almost there.. the only thing i can see you need is your decals need to be upgraded to the hand painted style.. other than that you look centurion worthy
  4. personally i think the mags in ANH were cut down by the prop department, even a 10 round mag is too long compared to what is seen on screen.. they likely just breech loaded single shots for a scene. also there are knockoff (after market) shorty mags for the L2A3 but from what i understand they are lacking in quality compared to the originals. here is a pic showing the blank round ejecting and you can see the mag is only sticking out about an 1 1/2" -1" from the receiver or less
  5. original sterling mk4 mags were (as far as i know) 32/34 rounds if i recall. only the sterling Mk 7 "Para-pistol" had the short 10-15 round mags from what i could dig up in old manuals and such... from what i have read, most of the post-ban short (legal) mags are actually just long mags cut down by a gunsmith anyway.. so chances are if your buying a 10 round mag its just a cut down and modified long one unless your planning on firing the weapon, cutting it yourself is cheaper.. another interesting Sterling mag fact: the original spec was for a 40 round mag. By cutting it down to 34 rounds, they were able to use the existing Sten mag pouches that had already been issued to the troops also British Sten mags apparently fit the sterling as well..
  6. bear in mind when you apply for 501st clearance you need to pick a costume ANH/ESB ect, i wouldn't recommend applying as a hybrid ... generic stormtroopers are no longer a valid costume option in the 501st. your best bet would be to go esb (there shoulder straps are affixed in the back anyway ) as for the Hero holster attachment.. right now as the current requirements only state, the holster must be leather or leather like.. so technically correct holster attachment is not required for any TK (for now) this however could change at a given point.. blasters aren't even required for approval so you should be good there, but id go with a ESB promo style myself i cant tell you for sure if your GML would approve it.. i would contact the UKG GML first if i were you.. you could opt to build a ANH/ROTJ hybrid http://forum.whitear...showtopic=18647 this could be approved as a new costume as it has the canon references also the TKC/ICN are hybrid as well and already 501st approved
  7. we archived some old CRL drafts(to avoid confusion) and accidentally moved the link posts the links will be fixed up soon
  8. just a heads up to folks, i have restored the birthday announcements to the bottom of the main page of the forums. it is a small enhancement to the site but i hope you all enjoy this feature and to all of those whose birthdays were missed over the last year, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  9. wow! almost all of the new staff has hit a milestone in the last few days!! great work guys
  10. yes, we were just trying something out but it didn't work as planned. i will fix it in the AM not enough hours in a day lol
  11. hello troopers, we are currently re-organizing the forums to make them easier to navigate. if you notice anything missing it is likely just being moved to a new area, you may also see new areas popping up this shouldn't take very long so please be patient as we work on this, and sorry for any inconvenience.
  12. from the looks of it your well on your way to EIB looking good,, and seeing a ROTJ EIB would be great for a change
  13. duct tape, super glue, hot glue gun, extra velcro strips, leatherman tool,small soldering kit i put everthing in the soldering kit carrying bag ---------
  14. yes, i have been pondering split Endor and Death Star version since i took over as DO and started working on refining the current standards with my current XO.. i have put a lot of study time into ROTJ and a lot of thought into this.. thats the rules all CRL models need to be legion members, this applies to all 501st costumes
  15. here is the updated list http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=40 the Wiki is under construction and that list is very old..
  16. well when i built the first one i had very little good references iv built several of these V2 http://s880.photobuc...zor/bazooka/v2/ V3 http://s880.photobuc...zor/bazooka/v3/ V4 http://s880.photobuc...razor/zook%203/ and another now that we have better reference materials i keep refining the design
  17. thanks everyone i am currently hard at work getting the new staff in order and planning many great things for the coming year. with the 35th anniversary of ANH coming in May we may have a deluge of new members, i would like to build on the current model of the FISD to better accommodate all members new and old. i look forward to serving as your DL and thank you all for supporting me. Mason Carson TK-4603 "Dashrazor" Detachment Leader
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