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    Perth, Western Australia
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    I'm in to all sorts of stuff. Definitely a huge Star Wars fan. Stormtroopers and Jedi for me. I'm also very big on Christmas and Santa Claus (I own two full Santa suits for Holiday portrayals). I'm into Indiana Jones as well but not as much as I used to be.

    I like the outdoors and camping and I'm an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment.

    I am an American that lives in Australia (at least my home is there) although I'm a California native. My beautiful wife and I make our life in Australia and she is my greatest interest.

    And I adore my rats! I've got four handsome boys.


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  1. Very slow to respond on my part. I'm still a ROTJ trooper. First ROTJ Centurion ever to be approved (in 2012).
  2. Happy birthday, Mathias! Have a great day! "Set for fun!"
  3. What Mathias said. Put it on sideways. slip it down and then turn it around the correct way.
  4. I got my hammer greeblies from Smitty here on FISD. I grabbed the door catch, scope, and scope rail from PredAlien64 on eBay. D-rings from Sonnenschein. The forward D-ring holder and original front sight come from Blind Squirrel Props. The U-track comes from TK-J. The rest of the details were scratch-built by my brother in-law. All of this stuff was put onto a SR Props E-11 gun kit. SR Props is no longer in existance.
  5. The ROTJ E-11 is a delightfully aggravating puzzle. I built mine off of an ANH E-11 kit. I modified it heavily to make it ROTJ. There aren't a whole lot of ROTJ resources out there. Your greatest hurdle will be sourcing the correct parts... the scope rail and scope are a challenge but resin versions do pop up on eBay on occasion. The FISD will likely be your best chance at finding the ROTJ greeblies. Watch the sales areas and read through the ROTJ sub-forum. Research to find out where other ROTJ troopers found their parts.
  6. Yep. I already pointed him towards your eBay auction.
  7. I am looking forward to seeing this build unfold. He's done some stunning work on his E-11 (I've read about it on my garrison's forums). It's particularly cool to see another trooper in Western Australia!
  8. Welcome, Bev! The trooper is an amazing build. I encourage you to research a lot. Any question you may have has likely been asked before and the FISD has all of the answers. Furthermore, I encourage you to go for EIB and beyond. Please don't settle for basic 501st Legion approval.
  9. Congratulations! The time is wildly variable. It could take a couple of days to a few weeks. It all depends on when someone gets around to it. Since this is done in people's spare time there's no set schedule.
  10. Yep. Try the above link. I Photoshopped mine.
  11. Very cool. When not being worn, I display mine:
  12. I always, always dig seeing our troopers rockin' their berets!
  13. Congratulations Chivo! Welcome to the EIB ranks. We need to get more of our squad to go EIB.
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