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  1. very cool (no pun intended), cant wait to see what it looks like installed. you had me wondering for a second lol
  2. hi kirk, overall it looks pretty decent for a scratchbuild. there are only a few things you would need to change for EIB. here is the requirements for EIB that show what would need to be fixed on your blaster. No ESB/ROTJ greeblies are allowed on the blaster. Scratch-built, resin cast, Hyperfirm rubber cast blasters shall have a total of 6 T-tracks on blaster (leaving the lowest row on the magazine housing side uncovered). the U shaped tracks and the d-ring in the front are both ROTJ details and should not be present on an ANH blaster. i would suggest removing the u-tracks and replacing them with T-tracks. you can make T shaped tracks very easily with the tines from a garden rake like this one LINK this is simple and cheap way to make the proper "T" profile tracks for the barrel also it is not stated in the requirements but it looks like the end detail on the folding stock is attached up-side-down other than that i would suggest you could put a coat of flat black paint over the unpainted plastic parts to get a consistent color. but that is not required for EI and completely optional hope to see apply soon
  3. sorry, I was out most of the day yesterday , when in doubt always refer to the reference photos 1: only the face of the boxes should be gray 2: the red should fill in around the vocorder and the mic tip area as well. 3: there are 2 stripes on the arm parts. on the biceps both cover strips are red, on the forearm the underside and outer most cover strip area (when wearing)
  4. this would be more than fine for EIB standards , for centurion level it would only need the correct ROTJ details added.
  5. i know, i have seen some really old pop riveted suits up on the bay and on garrison boards for 1000$+ the sad thing is new members are buying them i think because the old FX kits cost over 1000$ way back in the day?
  6. looks pretty good, the only minor thing i see is it looks like the bottom of the chest plate is resting on the top of the AB plate. if he moved it down just a hair it would help with mobility or possible cracking when moving around.
  7. you need to have 501st TK access to view them you can request access HERE
  8. heres a build on the RPF that is exactly what your looking to do -----------http://www.thereplicapropforum.com/f9/rotj-e-11-blaster-more-acurate-version-109912/
  9. i use the hammered rustolium on blasters but it might be too glossy/reflective on the inside of a bucket.
  10. i used truck bed liner in mine, no smell after a few days of drying
  11. i used a cardinal red and misted black with an airbrush over the red to deepen the color. you can see its a deep, almost "blood" red here is a sample of an approximate red i used for the weathering i painted the suit white then weathered with charcoal dust. and lastly sealed in the armor with a clear gloss acrylic sealer.
  12. the am chest mod is pretty simple but making the backplate look more screen accurate takes quite a bit of work (heating and stretching the plastic).
  13. well weather stripping comes in many flavors ive even seen metal weatherstripping so plastic may have been around then just an example of modern ridged weather stripping (it comes in many shapes and colors) ----------
  14. very interesting indeed its news to me as well..
  15. Easter? i thought it was Christmas at least thats what our weather man thinks http://www.crownweat...m/?page_id=1479 6-8 inches of snow lol
  16. very cool! and happy birthday!
  17. yes and lucasfilm will be annoucing its newest 3D movie!! A Star Trek / Star Wars crossover set in Hogwarts? Yes, please!
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