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  2. Congrats on BBB day!! The only place that no return edge is allowed is at the wrist (for upper level approval). Otherwise the return edge is up to the person wearing the armor. Myself, I don't like it and removed all of mine for comfort. Plus, many of the reference images and screen shots do not show much return edge if any on the arms. for example... Good luck on the build!
  3. Does anyone have a howto for apple phones. Imgur doesn’t let me upload a photo (lets be honest...I probably just can’t figure it out) to the forum. I can post a link to the Imgur photo(s) but trying to send the actual photo never seems to work. I’ve been having to email myself and choose the lowest quality then save the photos and choose those to post on the forum (PITA). And they come across very low quality. There has GOT to be an easier way. HELP!!
  4. Would a praetorian blaster out of box be good for ventilation approval? Sent from my ASUS_Z01GD using Tapatalk
  5. hey troopers, sorry i haven't posted in a while ive been trying to do a lot of the limbs and so far im nearly finished with the limbs as well as the chest and back plates. anyways, ive been doing some work on the kidney/abdomen plates and i made a little mess up on the ab plate but it should be an easy fix. anyways heres some pictures of what ive been doing with the ab/kidney plate This is some pictures of me trying it on with masking tape on the last picture I put only one piece of masking tape to hold that side together and I did that on purpose because I wanted the tape to almost mimic the way i would finish the armor so the left side would be held up with them touching, and the right side would be held up by a snap and elastic or nylon. if there is a way better method please let me know thanks
  6. So what’s the consensus on return edges on the arm portions of the armor? I’ve kept some on pretty much ALL of the armor while trimming, I realize that most of it will be trimmed even more. This picture shows the return. It has to be virtually non existent on the arms correct? https://imgur.com/gallery/CXMMsHN
  7. There is some visible depth from the outside when they're level like that. Here's a quick close up shot I just took, hopefully that helps!
  8. Buying the pipe build it doesn't come with the t tracks and scope, where do you find these just individually? Thanks Sent from my ASUS_Z01GD using Tapatalk
  9. Hello and welcome to the FISD! Good luck with your build!
  10. You can’t go wrong with MTK. Mike is an awesome seller and will never steer you wrong.
  11. I started to work on strapping today. I bought some nylon straps and made the belt to hold up my thighs and added the suspenders to my ab/kidney armor. I was in Harbor Freight buying some EVA foam floor mats for the thicker parts of my armor, when I ran across this pair of gloves They were close enough to anthology gloves for me, plus they were only $5. My only problem with them is that the leather on the fingers and palms is matte instead of shiny. I made a lot of headway on the thighs. All I have left to do on them is fill the seams and add the smaller cover strips to the front. I'm 80% finished with my helmet. On the next warm day that comes, I'll finally get to hit it with it's first coats of gloss white. I have pretty much all the attachments for my helmet except for the lenses. I need a tinted face shield for a Mando helmet I'm working on, so I'm considering cutting the lenses out of it.
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  13. I wasn’t sure how far to take them down on inside. I thought about grinding them level with frown but was afraid of taking too much material away. You stated you took yours down to frown. Do you still have some frown depth is there some wall inside frown windows? I don’t want to go to far down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Looking forward to the progress, if you post separate image links into your post it will be good for receiving feedback, use the 'direct link' or just copy and paste directly in to your thread
  15. So, I started a build thread in the correct place since apparently this is not it lol here is a link to the correct thread. Unboxing and the beginning of trimming already posted
  16. Posting my build thread here because apparently, I started it in the wrong place. Wtf kit, BBB day today, have boots, undersuit, neckseal and holster already. Still need a belt, gloves and centurion level boots. My boots will get through basic but not centurion. Below is the unboxing and the beginning of trimming. https://imgur.com/gallery/Ob60NpT
  17. From your picture it looks like you still have material left to remove if you want. If you'll notice from the inside view of my helmet I removed the plastic from the openings until it was gone/level with the frown itself. Larger openings for a bit more venting, at least that was my reasoning. lol But if you're happy with them as they are now, you can use hobby files (that's what I did, mine came from Hobby Lobby) or an Exacto as Mark suggests to square everything up.
  18. MTK is the only vetted seller on EBay. If it is indeed what's delivered you'll be OK. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  19. We strongly advise stay away from eBay although some sellers are legit many are not, lots of great info in the Getting Started section in regards to vetted sellers.
  20. Hello Jo and glad to see you found your way here, being a 501st member you can request higher access here
  21. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper
  22. I use a small exacto knife the one with pointy blade and carefully square them off including the smallest ones, or you can use a small tiny hobby files Mark (A)
  23. On your sales thread I also asked if they were paintable so buyers can better color match them to their armor.
  24. Update, Ok so I was concerned that the Sentra that I chose to use for the base of the shoulder strap master mold would be too porous so I made the base from ¼ thick plexiglass and used the styrene half rounds. Once I had this completed I made the mold. Once the mold was cured, I sprayed it down with release agent and molded another set of shoulder straps. The results were the same, the cured rubber was not smooth and was pitted. So, I cleaned the mold and made another set without the release agent and man did that make a huge difference. So at this point these are as good as I can get them until I can find a supplier that produces ¼” half round plexiglass or acrylic rods at a decent price. Here are the pics: If you are interested in a set, I have created a sale thread here: As always, thanks for the interest.
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