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  2. Not at all, more the case I'm excited about your passion and eagerness to share, we are all about troopers helping troopers brother.
  3. Absolutely agreed and understood. I hope I didn't sound too critical of anyone or anything and I would be very happy to help in whatever capacity I can to perfect the CRL when the time and reference material is right!
  4. Putting this build on hold to further notice.
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  6. That's great Justin, I expect we can have you on the CRL team when it comes time to update this one, you build experiences will be most helpful. It always takes someone building a kit to see where the wording conflicts or things don't quite add up in a CRL. One thing to consider is that these kits are Fan sculpts so they will have there inherent differences. The CRL's are based off screen used reference only so it will always be a case of things requiring minor modification to suit, in the case of the Mandalorian, even more so. The rest is up to the armour makers to hopefully modify their molds to suit screen used references and CRL requirements but we will take all the help we can get when working to get these down right.
  7. Welcome. I seen your intro over on Spec Ops but this area is very good too. the jet trooper definitely WILL NOT end up on FISD but that’s alright, people here are still very knowledgeable of hard armor costumes.
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  9. References is what it takes, ANH 1977 and the CRL still gets updates
  10. Oh don't worry, I'll have a suggestion or two based on the Anthology kits we saw in The Mandalorian once the rest of the world is able to have seen the show legally in March. I was told no changes would be made without specific canon reference material, but that it was too early to share caps from the show. Plus with that one, I know what they're TRYING to make clear (that R1 is different from ANH and not interchangeable), but there are some carryovers from the other TK CRLs that are either straight up wrong or misleading. Hopefully an overhaul can be done to include Solo and The Mandalorian suits under one "Anthology Stormtrooper" CRL.
  11. Spec Ops or not keep us updated with this build as it looks awesome!!
  12. Welcome Matt, Any questions feel free to ask!
  13. You could suggest any changes to the DL @Sly11, CRL's don't always contain every correct detail, sometimes new references or details come to light, CRL's are ever evolving
  14. For reference numbers of 501st approved TK versions.
  15. CRL is a little misleading - the arms should look symmetrical when assembled (ie, no left thumbprint or shoulder bell swoop), but there IS a left and right, at least for Jim's kit. It's all about the overlap and how they open. Same with the shins - I know traditionally that the longer bottom shin edge is worn on the inside for ANH shins, so I assume the case is the same for R1 when in doubt. So the one you posted shouldddd in theory be the left with the sniper knee attached. Unfamiliar with 850's kit, but that's how I'd build it at least.
  16. Ambos son "Canon" , ahora, si te refieres a cual de los dos es mas Screen Accurate, eso va a depender de cómo la construyas, para eso son los niveles L2 y L3 del CRL. Personalmente me gusta más el ANH pero es cuestión de gustos. Both of them are "Canon" but if you're talking about screen accuracy, It depends of how you build your armor. The Higher levels of the Crl let you make an armor more screen Accurate. Personally I Prefer ANH Stunt but is up to every person. Cheers.
  17. They are all canon but the large majority of Legion TKs are ANH Stunt.
  18. Thank y'all. Which is considered to be the "most canon" or the overall bettar?
  19. Check out this data sheet https://drive.google.com/file/d/10tEVteIreh6AHMogW010cuH_Bf8TBfU6/view
  20. Looking at the Rogue One Armor Crl I found this; TK R1 shoulder bells.jpg Shoulder Armor One on each shoulder. The shoulders are considered effectively symmetrical; they may be worn interchangeably on the left and right shoulders and may have a black elastic strap that wraps around the inside of the bicep. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): There is no swoop on the shoulder bell raised area. There is no elastic strap that wraps around the inside of the bicep. TK R1 bicepts.jpg Upper Arm Armor Biceps are fully closed. Both biceps are symmetrical and interchangable. The front strip is beveled and approximately 1/8" thick that does not extend beyond the bicep, and has a smaller cover strip layered thereon. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): Biceps must be constructed using the butt joint and cover strip method. Overlap construction is not allowed. Biceps are closed in the back with Velcro. I think this Photo shows every part at its side. I found this threads that think has some interesting reference photos that you can use to figure out which part is each one. Cheers
  21. Of course! Your guess has been recorded, sir!
  22. I was under the impression that when viewed from the front or the side, the overlap should not be visible. So the panel that rests on TOP of the overlap should be the outside panel when assembled.
  23. HI, I think Justin @TheRascalKing Could help you on this matter. Cheers
  24. Those are all the ones I can think of as well, although I can add one more, the eyes of the helmet were trimmed out a bit more on ESB vs ANH.
  25. I'm interested! Although I feel I am almost done and have soon anyways gotten ahold of the required things, it can't hurt to have extras. My main interest though is the patches and notebook. Can I still enter as I started mid october and is not quite done yet? If so, could the number be.... 381?
  26. Lots of differences: - hand painted vs decals for helmet details - black vs. gray teeth - different hand plate armor - holster is on different side, loop vs. rivet attachment - blaster differences - less greeblies Sure I'm missing more off the top of my head. Your best bet is to read the CRLs as they will spell out exactly what you need for each version: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:FISD_CRL
  27. 95. The Weekend Blender (Day 2), Clovis, CA - 2/22 Ladies of the Legions panel!
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