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  1. Hi James,<br> I'm not sure how it works over in the UK, but in Australia we don't take weapons to hospital troops.<br><br> In terms of getting it through customs you would probably be best getting in touch with the UK Garrison, I'm sure someone there will be happy to help.
  2. Haha, I knew there'd be something I missed!
  3. Check out the CRLs, there are a few differences.<br> The Hero helmet only has 6 teeth cutout, Stunt has 8. The Hero has 3 bumps on the ears, Stunt has 4. Hero only has 2 ear screws, Stunt has 3. Also, the Hero belt has 4 rivets to hold the holster on, the Stunt only has 2.<br><br> (Plus, some other differences I may have forgotten, but it's early and I haven't had a coffee yet....)
  4. I got mine from CFO and can see pretty well out of them.
  5. I think it might be a standard imperial size, not for us metric folks.<br> Again, if you have no luck I'm happy to send you some.
  6. I used 50mm pressure pipe which has an OD of just over 60mm. I think I got it from Tradelink, I had to chamfer the ends with my Dremel.<br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' ----------- If you can't get any, PM me your address and I'll send some to you, I'm pretty sure I have some left.
  7. Congratulations on your first troop and glad you enjoyed it! On the photobombing, I have photobombed a LOT and never once had a bad reaction to it, so don't be overly shy with it. Another way to get a big smile from people is to sneak up behind the person taking the photos and make bunny ears or just stand behind them. Guaranteed laughter from the people in the photo!
  8. I usually clean it with Novus polish before each troop.
  9. I absolutely understand the trepidation towards your first troop, it's pretty nerve racking.<br> Meeting a bunch of experienced troopers who all seem to know each other can be hard, especially as I live a couple of hours away from where most of the troops happen here. I was lucky that my first troop was a smallish local one where I already had met half the troopers.<br> The next day I did a big one in the city (Special Kids Xmas party) where I hadn't previously met anybody.. I met the friendliest bunch of people you could ever want to meet, they were all willing to help and wanted to talk about my kit etc. Pretty much all of my fears were unfounded.<br> Since then, it's onwards and upwards, and I feel less like a noob with every troop.<br> It can be hard to take the plunge, but will be worth it!
  10. If you do what I did, you stare at it for hours, days, weeks, even months terrified to touch it. Then you finally make that first cut and everything is better. <br> Good luck!
  11. That's so awesome, thanks everyone!<br><br> I should mention, Ryan has been doing it a bit hard, his cancer has spread and been upgraded to Stage 4. He has also asked his mum if Chewbacca could come and visit, so to have the man himself in that photo is amazing!
  12. Hi Simon,<br> Are you the same Shazzam who signed up on the Redback forums the other day? If so and you are looking at ROTJ, it would be worth sending Disco a PM on the Redback forums. He will be able to point you in the right direction.<br> I think the only current ROTJ maker is CFO, who is here on FISD as ssunky.<br><br> Good luck and enjoy the ride!
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