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  1. Following...I am also trying to find some 3D riles repository or someone who sells 3d files of R1TK armour but without any success.
  2. Hi guys, I have been using TKTalkie unit for last 2 years but I am a little bit tired of all the wires so I thought it would be nice to have all the electronics in the helmet and speakers in my mic tips. I know there are already really cool solutions (UKswrath for instance) but life is about learning and so I decided to learn how to build it from scratch. There are however some limitations - the biggest one is my (lack of) knowledge about speakers, amplifiers, ohms and watts etc. Anyway as I am the "glass is half full" guy I started to look for some tutorials, videos etc. Due to the size of mic tips I decided to go with following speakers: KEPO Mini loudspeaker 90 dB 0.500 W 8 Ω I soldered 3,5 jack so we have the output now. Then I thought: "Hey, you already have voice modulator in your TKTalkie unit, let's use it!" For those that don't know TKTalkie unit, it's basically Teensy 3.2 with microphone adaptor. More details can be found here I want to reuse microphone from my Aker 1506 unit. Ok, so we have output (speakers), input (microphone), voice modulator (TKTalkie), source will be either bunch of batteries (that I currently use for my fans) or USB Power Bank and now we need.....ou yes, some amplifier! And that's where I am completely lost, because I can't find any mobile rechargeable amplifier which would have output under 8 Ω. And If I understand it correctly from all the tutorials I read, this is a must. Because If I use stronger amplifier, then I will burn my mini speakers. Do you have any idea where to buy appropriate amplifier or do you have any tutorial how to build my own? Also is my idea correct that this is the only part I need now? Thank you! Regards, Tomas
  3. Hi Andrew, where are you now with the model? I'm really interested in the idea of 3d printed R1 armour !
  4. It looks great ! I bought my neckseal and holster from Bobby (Darman's props) on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/DarmansProps. I can definitely recommend them
  5. This is how I trimmed all return edges. But do not take these measurements as must-have for approval. It's just note taken from my friend who helped me to build my armour (I have same return edges like him). All return edges average 1/4 inch(6 mm) but can be up to but not much more than 3/8 inch (9 ish mm)Chest: bottom edge against ab. Sides but taper down as you get closer to shoulders. Minimal to none around neck. Back: bottom against kidney. Sides but taper down as you get closer to shoulders. Minimal around neck.Kidney: top, bottom and slight in kidney notch. None on sides.Butt: all sidesAb: top under chest, lesser return edge around cod area. None on sidesShoulders: none on edge against chest. Return edge against arm.Biceps: minimal to none. Some leave return edge some remove it all together. Forearms: none at wrist opening even up into the square indent ridge. Minimal to none at elbow side. Your choiceThighs: return edge on tops and bottom.Shins: return edge on top. None against boots.
  6. I agreee with Luc. Trim a bit from the return edge. Although it's only few mm you will have much more space for your arms. If it's still not enough for your arms, then you can use 20 mm cover strips. It's a little bit easier to form your biceps armour when it's not glued. Check this video that I followed (start 5:00 how to form biceps): Armor Building with TK1636 - step 25 but be very careful with it. Those changes could be irreversible.
  7. I attended the event with our Czech Garrison and it was amazing experience. I am looking forward for next event I didn't troop on Saturday so at least I made a video from the SW parade. If anyone interested, here is the link: SW Parade Legoland 2018
  8. Hi, I bought my Doopydoo's kit 8 months ago and it took approx. 3 weeks to deliver it (within Europe). I was also a little bit nervous because I was waiting even on answer on my e-mail several days. However at the end I received it and I was more than happy with the quality.
  9. TK-38210 requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26320 Thank you!
  10. Hi, I recently found web site https://www.lowcost-armors.com offering Trooper's armors for suspiciously low prices. Does anyone have any experience with them? Do you know if they would be approved by 501st?
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