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  2. Yeah, I'm quite tall so I suppose I won't grow more. Anyway, thank you for the info
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  4. You need to be 18+ to join 501st. But most garrisons have some sort of youth club for younger ones where you get to take part while not being a full member. But if you're considering a TK, regardless of if you're building it yourself or buying it pre-built - make sure that you've finished growing so that it doesn't get too small for you before you can join for real.
  5. Hey Matt, welcome to the FISD!
  6. Thanks Joseph! Yeah, I know there is a lot of sanding still ahead, not just on the helmet either. I'm happy I've gotten this far currently.
  7. Grats on 50 Pat! *starts counting on fingers and toes* almost caught up to you.
  8. Wow thank you very much for such a detailed awnser. I was refering to RS Propmasters, as I saw them on a recommended thread. The current "problem" I have right now is that I'm not used at cosplay at all, so I've been considering to buy a built armor with all its stuff, as it would be better for a noob like me. I have been looking at prices and it is quite expensive, but I have already started saving so I hope it won't end up being a problem. One doubt I have is if there is any age restriction in the 501st. You see, my main goal is to get the armor itself, but I'd also like to get in the 501st, but I'm underage, so I don't now if this could become a problem of some kind. Thanks for the help
  9. TK 90368 - 70th Explores requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30864
  10. You are 100% correct, Dan. For the short-term, EVA would be ok, but would definitely get beat up and creased over time.
  11. Sorry to jump in, but, how do people think that EVA foam would hold up over time? The hand guards can take some beating from the wrist end of the forearm - I’d be concerned that, whilst they might look okay now, they might deteriorate quite quickly. Just a thought. :-)
  12. Before using the ABS paste I would go ahead and add your mobility cuts. The reason being is that if you patch the seams first, the pressure from making the cuts afterward may crack the pasted areas (blue arrows).
  13. I must ask, how high does the lower part of the thigh piece sit? Is it above the knee, below the knee or in the middle?
  14. The raised ridges mentioned are the ones on the bottom, James (blue arrow). I wouldn't suggest the angle you have shown in red, as the points it would create (yellow arrow) could potentially poke into the back of your leg. If you need mobility cuts, I would go with something close to the blue line, but they are not a requirement for Centurion.
  15. Bump. Moved from Announcements.
  16. Know that's what I call an armour party. Great to see everyone working on kits. really enjoying these builds.
  17. ooo thanks this really helps! Dad and I are in the middle of resizing my thigh pieces. We made them slightly too big for me, so at the top of the thigh at the back it stuck out over the butt plate!
  18. Greetings Dalma and welcome to the 501st. Like you, I too have been searching for "vendors" that are willing to either build the armor (fully commission) or have parts that are 501st requirements. When I joined in 2008 the competition on the market weren't really out there until now. (What I mean by this - there weren't many vendors who were making armors that met the 501st requirements.) I still remembering seeing on eBay for a Stormtrooper armor for $800 + shipping which look really "Halloween" and flimsy and wasn't even made out of ABS or PVC, which is a red a flag. I would advise you stay away from those. Thankfully times have changed and now the market is more saturated with really good products out there. Of course the higher the quality the more expensive it is, which is also a reminder of how much you can afford or willing to invest. If you're like me who lives in a small complex unit, and have no access to tools or garage/work bench I would definitely think about getting a commission armor, something basic that doesn't require a lot of details. For example a Stormtrooper - ANH or ESB. You mention "Propmasters" and I'm not sure which one you're talking about since there are (2) in the UK (That I know off, I could be wrong - if so please correct me.) -Propmasters.net - is one that I've heard before with also some backlash reviews, I think it's mainly a collectible type and not really "Cosplay" material (I could be wrong) however having some friends who ordered from them, they weren't happy at all so I would advise you stay away from them. - RS Propmasters - is one that has been recently new and it getting well earn reputation for the accuracy and attention to details. Why? This is one company who had access to the original molds and details which means more appealing to the public and those SW Events. You can get a fully commission suit from this company that also gives you step-by-step easy installation using Velcro. Personal opinion: I plan on purchasing my stormtrooper from this company soon. Con: It's going to be expensive no doubt but a worthy investment. You can also get the un-build version as well, which is cheaper but you'll have to find other vendors for the neck seal, under suit, blasters etc. Of course, you'll have to build it yourself which can give you more freedom in fitting. - 850 Armor Works - this is one site, that I've purchase my shoretrooper squad leader kits from, the price is fair, and the quality is good. The only con I have with this company that it takes AGES. This is due to high demand of various armors being made. Since they don't make them in singles, pretty much your armor is combine with other armors that are similar. I'm still awaiting parts and its been a year... I know this is a long response, but I hope this has given you some insight as well and for anyone else who is new. Keynotes: - Make sure your armor is ABS or PVC and meets 501st CRL Requirements. - Don't buy from eBay - Decent armor can cost around a few hundred dollars to thousands. Anything below $50 is not ideal, unless your a lucky person who bid the armor on ebay for 50. - look on Esty (but be careful) again pay attention to details what looks movie accurate vs Halloween can give you a second perspective.
  19. Hate to necro, but I had a question regarding return edges in conjunction with shimming and mobility cuts for Centurion. Would i have to make false returns to fit the criteria: Any mobility cuts on back of piece do not go past raised ridges.
  20. Hi, welcome to FISD, good luck with your project.
  21. When practical and digital seamlessly intertwine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. Yeah, I'm guessing that may be it. I need to take better care of my armor...
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