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History buffs: Looking for info on an old kit.


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Here's a question for you old timers. I have an acquaintance looking to build a kit. It's one of those "been sitting in a box in someones garage for years" sorts of things. This is what I know:


Kit is from a company called maybe "Hollywood FX" or "Trooper Supplies". The guy who sold it was named was Dale and he went by Wookiee Cantina. It's likely this is actually Dale Mattson, and the company was "Galaxy Trading". Our recruit has no idea when it was purchased or made, but it came into their possession in 2015.


I found this blurb in the Legion History section of our site:

"November 1998: Wookiee Cantina (Dale Mattson) opens web store (wookiee.com) to sell all kinds of sci-fi goods including trooper accessories. Somewhere around the beginning of 1999, the domain is appropriated by LFL. Reopens as Galaxy Trading around October 1999. Closes around April 2001."


What I'm looking for is any information about the kit. Knowing its age, I immediately thought "FX", but I'd like input from some others. The bucket sure doesn't look like an FX to me.









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Had a spare 5 minutes and although I'm haven't been here since day 1 just doing a search has come up with a couple of threads containing the wording, appears Trooper Supplies and Hollywood FX armor 


A couple of quotes


"I got mine from Trooper Supplies for $330 headless ship 35, picked up a ABS ANH HERO UK Edition (Master Replicas) $129 ship 17. Got both today, absolutely gorgeous." March 11 2008


".I've bought an FX suit from Trooper Supplies " April 9 2008



A later one from 2017


"is Trooper Supplies still a good source of armor?"  https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/?do=findComment&comment=305084 2013 FB for images of his build so you can compare your armor https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151685712130908.1073741826.765645907&type=1&l=5c17ab5725



Previous link mentions Studio Creations https://www.studiocreations.com/howto/armorforsale.html


GT images auction, armor purchased 1999 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/star-wars-afx-stormtrooper-armor-1876627613


FX/GT info Star Wars Helmets http://www.starwarshelmets.com/imperialfanFX.htm

FX or GT Stormtrooper Helmet and Armor

The Armor FX or also known as the GT (from the now-defunct Galaxy Trading) is the most popular Armor available and worn by 95% of trooper around the World. It's not as movie-accurate as a number of other designs, and this is because it was specifically sculpted, rather than copied directly of an original helmet/mold. Nevertheless its an excellent design and GF (Follano) who did the original sculpt did a brilliant job on these. Note don't confuse the Type 1 GF/Follano (i.e. effectively this page) with his 2nd Generation GF here which WAS copied from an original movie prop and is therefore "Screen-accurate".



Is FX still approvable 


Hope that helps.


You may get a FISD veteran chime in at some stage ;) 




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Do you have photos of it full length?

Gut feeling is that it’s not FX. At a glance, I’d say perhaps AM armour and helmet. Hard to tell from these angles.

Looks like it’s in good shape. :-)

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5 hours ago, CableGuy said:

 At a glance, I’d say perhaps AM armour and helmet. Hard to tell from these angles.


Definitely one of the first kits Dale M. did from back in the late 90's... the timeline is spot-on.  Lots of "inconsistencies" to the original armor, but it was one of the best you could purchase 20 years ago.  Although Dale was never designated as an "official" TK (he was more of a "behind the scenes guy") he eventually took his designs to the next level of screen accuracy.



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I'm not sure when AM reworked the FX armor, a lot of info would be prior to this forum being created in 2007, here are a few other threads in regards to FX and AM


From 2010

Hey Ryan,

"The true crime with FX armor is the oversized helmet. If you are able to buy an FX armor kit currently, then it is probably someone who has recast it since the original maker has redone the moulds and called the latest version AM (Armor Master) armor."



"I would suggest if you are looking for inexpensive armor, FX armor, ATA armor, there is also a new armor out there, AM which stands for Armor Master and is the next generation of FX armor."



"Armor Master - or AM armor for short - is widely known as a major update to the FX armor commonly used throughout the 501st Legion. The makers have created new molds for practically every piece of armor, culminating in a very complete and fairly easy to build TK, TD, or TX costume. The armor is fan sculpted and thus has no screen lineage to any of the movie suits. While some may view this as a negative, the AM kit is very sturdy and recognizable as a Stormtrooper, making it a great choice for trooping."






Armor Master armor availability


2014 NE-AM armor


Armor family tree

TK linage.png




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23 minutes ago, Harbinger said:

Great trove of knowledge there. We gotta update that lineage chart with RWA and all the new kids.


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On 7/12/2022 at 9:26 AM, CableGuy said:


Do you have photos of it full length?

Gut feeling is that it’s not FX. At a glance, I’d say perhaps AM armour and helmet. Hard to tell from these angles.

Looks like it’s in good shape. :-)

Thanks for the info!


I was given a video panning up the suit from bottom to top. I took screens caps, which are what you see posted.

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