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New User from Georgia

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 Hi all, I'm new from Columbus, GA. "New" is relative however, because I've snooped on the forums for quite awhile. Recently I bit the bullet on a WTF ANH kit with some prior work done to it (will be starting a build thread soon.) I'd like to build it as an ESB TK and achieve Level 2 or 3 certification since I couldn't live with armor that doesn't have all the little details. Anyways, Looking forward to getting to know some Georgia Garrison members and hopefully do some trooping someday!


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Welcome, Sammy! I'm from GA myself, up north just outside of Chattanooga. You'll find that there are quite a few of the GA Garrison folks on here. You're spot on in aiming for EI or Centurion from the start, as tiny details for those levels might as well be incorporated from the beginning. =) I'm sure you've already come across these, but here are several things you'll need to take into consideration for converting your ANH kit to an ESB.

  • Helmet frown should be painted black instead of gray
  • For higher levels of approval you'll need the specific ESB decals for the helmet, for example, available here. Hand-painting is not an option.
  • You'll need the proper hand guards since they are different than ANH
  • The belt holster also has different color and style strapping, and is worn on the right side, rather than left. I acquired two black leather loop straps from Darman to make my ANH interchangeable as an ESB.

I'm looking forward to following along on your forthcoming build thread, and trooping with you someday! In case it might be of help to you, below is a link to a resource compilation thread I put together. Thought it's intended for an ANH kit, for all intents and purposes the construction of an ESB is exactly the same.




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Hi Sammy, welcome to FISD...


Nothing more to add:lol:... Caleb has already shown you the way:jc_doublethumbup:...

Just tell you, that you can ask all the questions you want. There are plenty of people here who will be able to help you....:salute:

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Hi Sammy and welcome! Post up lots of pics in your build log, that will help with questions. Hope to see you at a troop in the future, lots of opportunities for making people smile.


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