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How "clean" does our armor need to be?

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I am finally assembling a set of MTK armor I have had since 2013. I used to be in the 501st and now I am looking to get back involved in my local area. 

Well the armor for the most part is still pretty white but there are marks here and there. I did have one pretty bad spot on the cod area I ended up sanding out because it was a little too noticeable. 

I was watching ANH last night in my theater room and of course the original armor was banged up pretty bad so I am wondering if that is more or less acceptable? I plan on trooping in this armor for a bit but am planning to replace it next year with a "hero" version so I don't want to have to invest too much time into trying to make this set perfect.


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Post up a few photos Jamie, the parts you feel may be of concern and even a few of you fully kitted up.

This is going to make the world of difference to the type of feedback you get.

Ultimately you need to please your GML, but we can certainly get you heading in the right direction for your best chance of an easy re approval.

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I've cleaned (the outside) my armour exactly once.  It's covered in marks and scrapes.  I know they are there but on a troop no one will notice them.  Some spend hours cleaning and inspecting after each troop, I am not that person!

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