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Dead Post Links & Broken Photos, How You Can Help

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Yep have had this problem. Actually on any of the posts with photo bucket, if you copy some of the links in then save,  it kills any you haven't updated and leaves the link. happened to me twice and had to go back and delete the links.

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Attention all members and loyal citizens, Ask not what your detachment can do for you but what you can do for your detachment!   Right, now I hopefully have your attention, we got a rea

Hi rez TKC screenshots, restored by gmrhodes13 High resolution stormtrooper commander images 32 images, restored by gmrhodes13   https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/14409-hi-rez-tkc-

TBH, the broken posts can't be rewritten unless you know what was in them before, and the section is so little used that there's little point in keeping them at all. I'd just delete them. Any new post

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11 hours ago, masterx244 said:

Still on Hold or already resumed?

On hold currently, Andrew is taking a short break and I am working on a few other projects BUT we will be getting back to this soon.


Did you have an issue with a thread?

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vor 15 Minuten schrieb gmrhodes13:

On hold currently, Andrew is taking a short break and I am working on a few other projects BUT we will be getting back to this soon.


Did you have an issue with a thread?

just wondered since your "on hold" was tied to newsletter issue. and: might do a backup of all pictures once the restore is done and send those off to archive.org so future restores are easier

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https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/49519-ebay-helmet-any-thoughts/ recovered by Sly11

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